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    Please note any thoughts, opinions, recommendations, suggestions or helpful advice I give is based entirely on my understanding of the universe I live in. How this applies to you , your situation or life depends entirely on your understanding of the universe you live in and how much your universe overlaps with mine.
    Thank You
    The New Intuitive Spirit

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Class Photos


One Response to “Class Photos”

  1. Heather Geimer said

    I have been to several of Brian’s classes. I would highly recommend everyone go. His class is fun, unique, and educational. I have learned so much from Brian
    I have had Brian read for me before. He is accurate. He is very intuitive. I’d recommend him to anyone thinking of having an intuitive reading. I have also had a hypnosis session with Brian – it was amazing!! Brian is a gifted hypnotist.
    Brian himself is a warm, kind-hearted, and loving person. He is a teacher by nature. He seems to enjoy his true calling as a Healer.

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