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Insect Dreams

Posted by Brian on April 17, 2008

Insects show up in dreams to display some form of minor mental  spiritual or physical irritation.

Dreams of ants or crawling insects. These low crawling insects are more than likely showing up in our subconscious as little annoyances on the physical level. They usually refer to something slightly bothering either the mind or body, but not spiritual.

Dreams of bees or flying insects. Bees though are more than a  little annoyance. These and other types of flying insects may represent higher domains possibly spiritual or of a higher life changing order.

If they land on you but you don’t get stung.  You’re not getting stung because its not actually causing you pain. It’s more likely something in your life that your either not getting or something that’s eating away at your spirit.

If they are biting or stinging you. Then more than likely these simple annoyances are starting to affect your mind or body in some way shape or form.


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