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Healing Energy

Posted by Brian on April 22, 2008

ive been asked a few times this week how to heal energy, that theyve been feeling has been lowered due to some reason or other. I state energy can not be raised nor lowered due to any reason, but we ourselves can change the energy that surrounds us. This usually happens when we begin to raise up our walls around us.

These walls at times can be caused by stress, illness and of course raising our selves to a societal level of disbelief or distrust in our own intuitive knowings. When i first begam to grow spiritually in my gifts I started looking for reasons and beliefs to match what ive seen or done. With this I often found different religions, like wicca, shamanism and a touch of voodoo.

Each of these brings in their own beliefs and practices, which often distract from the knowing in that they lead us back into a less stricter but often just as confining religious system of beliefs. Our powers grow with the moon, or at night etc.

However, this only allows one to see in ways that match that belief. The truth is that the energy we reach isnt of this earth nor reality. It is a much higher reality of divinity. We if taught or awoke to know this, for each of us is still truly connected to that spirit. And that spirit can only be reached from that very often hidden and often easily reached(if we allow it) place within our own souls.

So, how do we reraise our energy  levels. Easier said than done, dont stress-relax. Do not believe everything from books or from everyone we meet-believe in ourselves and the Divine Power we are. If I were to believe everything I read I’d be overwhelmed and tottaly lost, as I can only guess would be most people. So, heres a simple exercise to regain energy.

Raising Energy Levels

  • Relax- Just take one away from the past and future and just be. Try a hot bath or meditation, Grounding meditation is perfect.
  • Just ground oneself and then bring back up your shield of white light
  • Once the shield is brought back up. Do not think, just release all walls that are blocking your pathway to the Diine knowing
  • Once this is done, if you have a quartz or crystals just hold them and let them raise your energy. If you do not get out into the fresh air and just breathe
  • This should start to raise your energy. It may take some time to lower the walls, but it will work to raise the energy.

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