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`Garden of Eden and The Soul Mate Beginning

Posted by Brian on April 28, 2008

During my first near death experience from a horrific car accident in the year 1990 I was given many prophetic visions this is one of them.  

Before time and space even existed, the divine energy was all knowing and powerful. At the same time, he was all work and pure emotion. While going about his daily routine, he decided to create others with his own likeness, and he did so in immeasurable amount.

These creations he named angels, the most beautiful things ever created.The angels had God-like gifts, one of which being the gift of creation, and the other the gift of free will. This meant they could go anywhere, and create whatever they imagined. Unfortunately, they could not create like-forms; therefore, they’d been cut short of their end of the bargain.

The angels were controlled and tethered to the main source of energy by a thin strand of ethereal thread. This large buildup of divine energy had life; however, it was of a single working unit.God, creator of all things, watched his angels working diligently, creating light, and all types of creatures. They sculpted all these wondrous things through his love.

God though held a secret, a special sacred garden in the third reality. There created life. Man and Woman, together they were able to give birth to like beings. He hid this secret garden of eden from the angels, and knew if they found out about it, the energy would be transformed.

One angel stood out among the others, and was very close to God. He was the most beautiful and loving angel of them all. The highest son, his name Michael, being intelligent, he knew God abstained from reveal this covert garden. One day as he scrutinized the divine energy, he noticed it’s separation into unknown domain. Michael being empathic felt the divine father change into a highly loving source. 

Michael thought, “What ever father is doing I must find out.”As Michael thought this he unknowingly walked to where the Father sat. God rushed Michael away, it vanished as if nothing was ever there. God spoke, “Michael what have you seen?” Receiving no answer, he spoke once more, “Michael, what ever you think you saw, you must forget it.  It is not for your eyes or anyone else’s.”

Michael became persistent in finding what God was attempting to hide. Michael kept trying. At each turn, he would be ushered away and advised that it was not for him to see. Father advised him that he must not eat from that tree of knowledge. This made Michael move far away from the situation, while away he grew very jealous. “What could he be hiding?”

Michael’s jealousy made him devise a plan to see what Father didn’t want to reveal. This plan was to get in close so that he would be in God’s good graces. When God was distracted, he would take a glimpse. After several thousand tries, Michael’s plan came to fruition. As God was distracted for a brief time, Michael finally had a chance to delve into the third dimension. It blew his mind.

As he gazed into the dimension, he saw a garden, and three figures; a man, a woman, and a child. He heard the couple refer to the child as their creation. This angered Michael.Quickly, he moved away from the situation and started gossiping among his brothers.

Michael gathered an army of angel. “He told us we were equal in every way. He advised us we could not create like beings because there were so many of us, yet he created this third dimension. In this world these creatures could create like beings!” Michael’s army grew in numbers until it outnumbered the angels that held firm to the father.

God knew his secret was out. In fact, he knew this since the creation of time. The two armies clashed in heaven, and the divine energy fought like a giant dragon in the sky. The war continued for ages until God had enough. “Enough is enough,”  his voice boomed like thunder. Instantly, the war came to an abrupt halt, as God raised his hands and stopped each member in their tracks. GOD spoke, “I advised you that no good could come from eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. In doing thus you have created havoc in divinity. As a loving father I will not dismiss you into nothingness, but you must learn.”  

He then separated our divine self from our conscious self and made each part of the self seperate. He then hurled each angel into the third dimension, which became male and female beings.  These beings were made existant on concious thought.  yet, the strand of the divine self remained deeply hidden with in.God decreeing all the angels into the third dimension, named conscious reality. In this world, all angels must stay as mortals, until the day of their awakening to the divine knowledge. Until that  understanding is clear their  lives will remain an ongoing dream. After their awakening to the realm of mortality, they will cross through the gates of reality, and return to that which is their divine birthright.


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