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My Personal Soul Mate and Gentlebrees’

Posted by Brian on April 28, 2008

what is a soul mate

I was once asked my take on what a soul mate was, I now believe I can answer this due to my experience with my angel(soul mate). Whom in1999 I met in Rochester Ny, in the form of a woman of no equal. To me she was an unmeasurable source of spirituality and gave me a firm beginning to my personal journey into life. I met her on a whim one summer night after an online chat, never met anyone on line before. I didnt know what to expect, infact wasnt sure i wanted to go. Yet i was pulled to her like a magnet.

When i met her i couldnt believe the thoughts of knowing her some where or some how, it wasnt till we touched that i knew when and where. Past lifes meshed in the matter of minutes leading from the beginning of time to the present and beyond. I knew it was meant to be, people stated they saw sparks when we touched. I only know my gifts grew immeasurably with her close to my side.

My awakening was at the very moment I we touched, by doing such it was as if I became a part of her. I walked with her always, though we were apart, I knew where she was and what she was doing. Every moment she was with and I with her, in her thoughts, visions and dreams, we were one. It was as if we became equal parts of a whole. I walked almost a week in this way before i came back down from my euphoria to the earthly realm.

Yet, we couldnt remain together things happened and we were sperated once again. Ive been through a lot in the last 9 years, but to this day cant remove her from my mind. Ive almost put her to a Goddess like infrastructure in my daily prayers. I know now why we couldnt be, yet with Gods will we will meet again. Through research I have found that soul mates are equal parts of one soul seperated at the birth, when placed together brings a perfect soul, a perfect mass of love. The caring and emotional bliss is incredible.

Yet, the sad part of lifes facts is, or atleast how ive come to understand, soul mates meet only to show what is missing in ones life. they arent meant to be together till life ends and the whole soul goes to the father. The main goal of man is to go to the father on equal terms to his love. Thus leaving behind a legacy to our children. This takes many soul life times, though the body dies the soul is ever going and growing.

Does this mean that soul mates wont live together in this life time. Most of the times they wont, yet thats where soul matches come in. Whats a soul match, a match of equal souls. Friends at birth with equal likes and dislikes, when once connected bring together undying love.    Whats the difference, only one that has met and lost can knoweth the feelings of losing a soul mate. Yet, when matches meet, there may be no glow or spirit awakening. However, it definately brings feelings of their own which can not compare to just finding some one to be with.


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