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Soul Mates

Posted by Brian on April 28, 2008

What is a soulmate and does everyone have one?

A Soul mate also known as twin flame have been talked about since the begining of the spoken word and possibly even before then. it has been suggested that humans at one time were angelic energy forms. Yet, through a war in heaven each and every angel was seperated into two equal parts, each having either male or female (masculine and feminine)energies. Each angel was then sent into the place known as concious reality, earth. These two people through the sliver of divine conciousness then spend their lifes searching for their lost partner.

You will spend lifetimes searching for this partner, and at times may think you never found them. Yet, it is also good to know that we were seperated from one another and placed in life at different intervals. Meaning that these beings could be anyone that we meet in ourlifes that bring a complete turnabout in everything we think and do. I mean this in only the best ways, for they will begin us thinking in a more positive light about all things. Once they are met we will know what it is in life we need and not what we want.

When these two beings meet it brings a completness in both parties, they will be two peas in a pod in every way. Once they connect it will be like lightning. Past present and future lifes will be seen as if concurrent. Gifts will arise as if were from the gods themselves. People will notice from miles around that the meeting has taken place as the energy that shoots from youre every pores is omniscient. Yet, these two souls until they are both ready to move onward into the divine energy will ever be like two boats crossing in the night. They will show up from no where and leave just as quick, leaving us forever changed.

The idea of finding youre soulmate/twin flame is very seductive and for some very elusive. As most look for our partner in someone of the same age and the same likeness in all ways. Yet, these mates could be in heaven while we start out in life on earth. Hence: they could be children or elderly when we find them. Remember, we meet them for a reason, it is not always to be together but to learn and to enhance our life journeys till the end of time.

Does this mean there is no one person for us in this life?

No, it doesnt mean this at all. Look back at the creation story and see that we all decided upon which group to follow. The reasons we did were because we followed people we were most common to. These people often had followed the exact same path in life as we did and have many of the same likes and dislikes. These significant others are known as soul matches.

Soul matches though in every way complement each other, it is most important to note that they do not complete each other. For, by the time they meet it is already known what it is they need, not want, out of life and have opened up to a spiritual Awakening. Yet, soul matches differ from soul mates in that they are complete in and of themselves. there is not the energy that was previously mentioned. Hence:theres fights, arguments, bad times and good times. Yet, no matter what happens they will always be there as if nothing had ever happened and as if they were each others support which made every moment work for their best interest.

Now the sad part is society has declared we all must have a life partner, a house a dog etc…. hence, often we dont wait to complete ourselfs before attempting to find someone that completes us. This used to work many years ago, but in todays society often fails due to people opening without direction. These partners too will often have same history, same likes and dislikes, etc.. These partners too fight and often make up but they complete one another not complement. By doing this they often harvest feeling of regret or dislke for the other partner. This energy can often be covered up for a life time but is never forgotten.  

Unfortunately due to our social needs and wants we are often not even ready to be complemented, for in life it is not even known what is needed. Yet, they connect because of the same differences that later pull them apart from each other. Then they stay together because it is a need to be together(either due to bills, family, children, etc..), and not a want to have a complementary partner(two seperate people that love each other equally but can live seperately lifes).

How do we meet our soulmate?

soulmates/twin flames show up in our lifes when we are ready for each other to be there. When the times get to their hardest but at the same time we are more spiritualy complete the world will unfold and that person may come into ourlifes and change them even further. How do you meet these people, ready yourself by completing yourself in all ways. And remember they are there for a reason and may not be there for an everlasting love til the end of times.

It is more beneficial to meet a soul match, for there are many soul matches to the one true soul mate. These people too though often wont show up in our lifes until we are most ready for them. until we are complete in ourselfs and know what it is in life that we need complementary. Yet, if we do not ready ourselves for our true mates and just look for someone to complete us we will end up in a relationship that is doomed from the start unless ones grounded enough to work through the tough times and work on themselves as well as their marriages and lucky enough to have an understanding partner that can do the same..


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