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What is true Spiritual Work

Posted by Brian on May 1, 2008

 Why does everyone who claims first hand experience all say something different when it comes to spiritual existence?

Why do most news articles cover the same story in a million different ways.

This is due to the belief systems that stem from the walls of religious views and societal views as their formed on the inner control mechanics of ones own inner beliefs. There are many countless beliefs, which could create the energy in ones making. We are each creators of a god-like nature, creating life our own images. These images are also taken into the spiritual context, unfortunately I am finding that many of these beliefs are ringing more true to someone elses beliefs.

The many books on these subjects being published are definately forming a larger group of awakened souls. But, the fact that the things being found are not due to peoples own personal soul-workings means that these false awakenings are seriously faulty. It is one things to learn, which is done primarily from books and classes. It is truly another to know, which is done by true personal soul work.

Meaning that though more and more are continually awakening to spirituality, many of these awakenings are not true spiritual awakenings but the awakenings of someone else. Placing an almost placebo-like effect on the inner workings of true spirituality. This to me is kinda scary, because what is know is carried forward from life to life, what is not known is still being learnt. Life is the only true teacher that brings the knowledge that forms an elder soul and a much wiser spirit.

 The truths of every soul pretty much ring the same, even though in different ways. We all know the truths of spirit due to them laying in our inner most spiritual soul centers. If they become known through true knowledge then they will not be easily dismissed or ignored. So, in conclusion I am not saying to not read these words of others, but to use them to your own making, not verbatim and you will indeed begin to awaken the power within.


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