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Contacting Spirit Guides in Sleep?

Posted by Brian on May 3, 2008

Is there a way I can contact my spirit guides when I’m sleeping?

Yes, infact that is the first place I would advise someone to try to contact their spirit guides. Sleep is a natural condition that everyone and everything does, whether they want to or not. As being such it would naturally be the first place to seek your spirit guides. The next state of asking for your guides to appear would then be meditation, a very relaxed trance like state, here one would often use the same methods I of guide calling i will list later.

However, back to sleep and guide calling, the best place to start even asking for you guide or guides to appear would be about an hour or so before bed. One will find it easier for guide contact if they break through the conscious level of thought and enter the request into the subconscious or ego level of thinking even before the first thoughts of actually sleeping come. why, because everyone has three levels or bodies surrounding themseles at all time. The conscious, where everything we think we know along with the 5 senses happen. The subconscious or ego stage and then the one everyone or almost everyone attempts to reach the divine center or soul level.

So, if one were to breach the conscious and already be working on the subconscious, it would mean there wouldnt be as much to wall up the divine request of the calling of ones personal guides.  For, even in ones sleep things are going on at a very conscious state of thought. It would be even better if we start around 2 hours before bed to get our thoughts in order for the work to be done.

Letter Writing and Dream Working

  • Take a hot bathe to relax, light candles and inscense, put on some mood music and really get your self ready for the divine work at hand.
  • Just before laying your self down for bed start things out by writing a letter of what your going to be doing in your dream-working.
  • Place this letter under your pillow and comfortably lay down
  • Relax into your hypnapompic state (the state where one is half awake and half asleep) at this state one can begin to consciously control their dreams
  • Help the work along by controlling your last thoughts before sleep overcomes you by thinking of the work at hand
  • Let the dream take you to where it needs to go.
  • In the morning before you get up and mobile write down everything that was in your dreams, or as much as can be remembered. Hopefully you will have met atleast one guide in your dreams, for this is the place where they are most conversational, atleast in the beginning.
  • If you didnt meet your guid or guides, do not give up hope, there still may be blocks up that are stopping you from the meeting. Just try it again and soon youll meet your guides, they will come in all shapes, sizes and makes(for there are 5 types of guides), keep this in mind before thinking one hasnt been met.

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