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What is a soulmatch?

Posted by Brian on May 3, 2008

I keep hearing the questions about my ideas of soul matching. What is it?

Well, first. Soul matches are simply a close knit group of souls we spend each life with. Think of it like this, do you have a very close friend that comes and goes, but you never truly lose touch with. We all probably know the one I speak of. Some probably even have many of these type of friends. Now with these friends there almost always seems to be some connection, the same likes and dislikes, maybe even the same things occurring through out life.

 Now think of it like this, you meet someone with the same likes and dislikes, even as friends only there seems to be a deep love being built. If this person is of the opposite sex, then this love possibly and probably even deepens further as time passes. Now, this group of like minds happens again and again over life times until you meet them in one life and walla it feels as if you knew this person all your life.

This friends ship whether male or female, whether business or pleasure deepens over time until it feels as if its more than friendship and builds into love. These soul matches are indeed a match made in heaven and will succeed in everything they do. Though these two souls are very closely matched, they are not soul mates and never will be.  Remember soul mates are of one soul split into two, male and female energies, a yin and yang of equal parts and soul mates will meet and be together only once. Which is when the two equal parts fully Awaken to the divine energy and are ready to return home to the seat of the creator.

So, even though we will all know our soul mates, which there is only one, we will more likely meet and be with a soul match of which there are many of. The matches are at times even greater to their mates than actual soul mates due to them being always at an equal place in Divine learning and understanding. They make the greatest of friends, because that’s what they always were. They make  the greatest of business partners and Friends also due to them always seeming to know what the other is thinking,feeling and doing. This is what I call a soul match and I hope it helps clear some things up.


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