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Animal Guides

Posted by Brian on May 4, 2008

Animal Spirit Guides

March 14, 2008 · No Comments

What are animal guides and do we all have one? 

We all have atleast one animal spirit guide, and most have more than one. In many cultures these animal guides show in a variety of ways,  dreams, visions but most of all they show to us as animal favorites. Almost all humans have some form of animal they are very much intuned with, this is seen through the ways we collect their effigies, the way we dream about them or even at times pretend we are them. We don’t always have the same animal guides following us throughout our lifes, and at many times may change them due to our needs of their certain types of energy or skillset.

Each animal has their different types of energy and it is good to know their energy type for future usage. However, it is good to remember animals are pure divine energy direct from the creator and as such must be respected. Animal spirits are not always friendly, some are shy, some are timid and some are just plain vicious. Most though, especially when dealing with animal guides, are in spirit form because they were chosen to be such. Upon being chosen they were then given a purpose, to assist their chosen ward. These chosen wards of the animal guides must know that they’ve been chosen by the animal spirits themselves, and as such these spirits are not to be owned.

These guides are there to be an extended appendage of the humans inner senses. They can also be lent by us to help others in  deep times of need. When these spirits allow us to use them to assist others it is done though their true love and trust in our choices. This though isnt especially wise for once a spirit is loaned out in this fashion they usually dont return until their jobs are done. This often not only  leaves us without our guides, but depending on our animal spirit it could also leave us defenseless. Upon our guides return it is wise to quickly show them how much they’re appreciated for what they’ve done. 

So, besides having my house filled with a certain type of animal, how else may we know what our animal spirits are?

besides having ones house filled with a certain type of animal, one may also have visions or dreams of animals, one of which standing out more than the others or having only the one show up all together. This is a very good indication of that animal being your spirit guide. But, if you have never  dreamt of a certain animal, you may exhibit certain traits of youre guide. If this is not noticed because your not open, there is a couple simple exercises that may help.

Letter writing

  • At times one may be able to get the assistance in knowing their animal spirits through dreams.
  • As in the dream exercise, when you are feeling especially energetic write a letter with that energy directed at finding in youre dreams an animal totem.
  • When this letter is written with all youre energy directed into it place it under your bed pillow.
  • Just before falling asleep read that letter to yourself until it is deeply ingrained in your psyche, about 10x. This is so it is inset during your hypngogic state.
  • Whe you awake from youre dreams you may want to note if anything showed. If it has not attempt it again until it is rcvd. You may have a timid guide or it just may not be time for him to show

Guide meditation/visualization

  • Find a comfortable quiet place to get into a meditative state, away from others.
  • Once there remain quiet and begin proper slow breathing, deeply breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this until you are fully relaxed
  • When you are finally fully relaxed, begin to lose all memories, feelings of the past and just focus on the now. To some this may still take several attempts to do
  • But if you can get to the meditative state, start to open your mind to show a large movie screen. Let this screen begin to show a movie of what ever and where ever it take you, atleast for the moment. Your psyche may have deeper reasons for letting you go this deep
  • Yet, you can control this image and if you are ready to do such, let it unfold to a happy place. Once there ask for the divine to help you locate your animal totem. This too may take several times to develope, but keep trying and it will eventually happen
  • When it does happen, remember you can stop it at any time and it is usually not good at first to go over 2-5 minutes at a time. When you come back to the hear and now, stand up and gently shake off any left over energy. then either mentally or physically note what was just seen

Once you do find your animal guide, make sure to keep a diary on their existence. In that make sure to note what is understood about animal energies, their energy meanings, and why their energy may be needed in your life. Through this not only will you begin to understand animal life but your life and all life that lies around you. Be sure also to make a mental note that different animal spirits may show up at different times, and with this Knowledge honor and cherish each animal in life as you would your animal guide.

Animal Guide traits-work in progress`

March 17, 2008 · 1 Comment


positive traits: extremely creative, perceptive and independent

negative traits: often unpredictable, wishy-washy, unconventional.

lessons: these nature spirits teach one to live a relaxed life while remaining serious


positive traits: very compassionate, gentle, and generous in spirit

negative traits: often impractical, easily impressionable, and  indecisive lessons: these tender hearted nature spirits teach strong family values.


positive traits: Enterprising, often adventurous, entrepeneurial

negative traits: possibly egotistical, selfish and impatient

life lessons: these nature spirits teach one to be strong through adversities


positive traits: Strong willed, persistent, valualistic

 negative traits: possesive,  self-indulgent, often pack rat-like

lessons: these nature spirits teach one to place value on self and not so much on outside sources


positive traits: outgoing, friendly, free thinking, child like

negative trait: often restless, moody and inconsistent

lesson: These nature spirits teach one to not be so superficial in life.


positive traits: tender hearted, sympathetic, artistic

negative traits: emotional, vulnerable towards self, often possessive

lesson: these nature spirits teach one to be in love with self and surroundings


positive traits: generous, energetic, proud and self confident

negative traits: domineering, intolerant of failure, often arrogant

lesson: These nature spirits teach one to gain spiritualy through life events


 positive trait: Modest, meticulous, industrious

negative traits: often fault finding, fussy, perfectionists

lesson: these nature spirits teach one to be of strong morals


positive traits: diplomatic, mystical, very tolerant of others

negative traits: sometimes indecisive, gullible, resentful

lesson: These nature spirits teach one to be in agreement with universal energies


 positive traits: people of purpose, artistic, ambitious in spirit

negative traits: often stubborn, suspicious, secretive

lessons: these nature spirits teach one to not be so restrictive


positive traits: warm hearted, versatile, adaptable, often have one ear and one eye towards the divine

negative traits: often restless, independent, tactless

lessons: These nature spirits teach one to be more adventurous


positive traits: Ambitious, determined, reliable

negative traits: demanding, selfish, often smothering

lesson: these nature spirits teach one to be strongly self dependant


positive traits: intelligent, outgoing, playful, versatile

negative traits: secretive, timid, guarded

lesson: These nature spirits teach one to serious with life secrets


Positive traits: intelligent, perceptive, intuned

negative traits: shy, unpredictable, vulnerable

lesson: These nature  spirits teach one to trust others


Positive traits: friendly, perceptive, creative, compassionate

negative traits: smothering, impressionable, unpredictable

lessons: These nature spirits teach one to live and trust through difficult times


Positive traits: kind, gentle, intelligent, quick witted

negative traits: vulnerable, timid, indecisive, restless

lessons: These nature spirits teach one to live independantly

Blue Jay

Positive traits: creative, joyful, spiritual, self reliant

negative traits: impressionable, fault finding, often smothering

lessons: these nature spirits teach to live through perfection


positive traits- regal, religious, self nurturing

negative traits: egotistical, often ignorant of life consciousness, moody

lessons: these nature spirits teach to live life through god while being grounded to the earth


positive traits: grounded, ignorant to own needs, protective, intelligent

negative traits: self guarded, secretive, at times can be absent minded

lessons: These nature spirits teach one to live life lovingly


positive traits: self sufficient, compassionate, intelligent, spiritual

negative traits: eccentric, demanding, finicky

lessons: These nature spirits teach one to accept life as it is


Positive traits: reliant, intelligent, generous, determined

negative traits: Protective, secretive, slow moving, non-judgemental

lessons: These nature spirit teach one to protect yourself till your sure


positive traits: intelligent, compassionate, regal, strong willed

negative traits: wild, eccentric, egotistical, moody

lessons: These spirits teach one to live life steadfast and strong


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