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Blocks to Spiritual Awakening

Posted by Brian on May 4, 2008

Blocks to Spiritual Awakening

March 2, 2008 · 2 Comments

Why do people not open more to their Spiritual Awakening?

There are three main categories (Divine blocks) I believe as to why people don’t have their divine Awakening. These blocks have many sub-reasons, but those reasons when broken down to their smallest point always come down to these three main blocks. These blocks are religion, society and personal control or lack thereof. The reason I broke all reasons down to three blocks is that society, whether religious or social, dictate most of our reasonings. Yet, it is us that give these reasonings power and thus feel the need to keep control of them in order to be part of that earthly whole.

However, by controlling something that is not controllable (conscious life) we lose sight of what is controllable (divine life). This sometimes makes realizing our awakening to what is our inherited Divine right seem both stressful and darn near impossible. Hopefully by giving name to our blocks to Divinity we can begin to transform them, lifting us in divine knowledge. Mysticism will take a closer look into these three blocks and much more as to see how things may fit into our lives, how we may change them and ultimately lift them from or add them to our lives, and ultimately build us as Spirit beings.

Blocks to psychic Sight

April 7, 2008 · 1 Comment

Why cant certain people see ethereal beings such as spirits, demons or orbs?

my belief in the reason people can not see these things is because they are closed off to seeing them by their beliefs. Some of these beliefs may stem from fear of not wanting to belief in anything they can not touch with their five senses” if i can not touch it, hear it, smell it or taste it , it must not exist”. Though these people can not see nor smell air and many other gases, they believe in the gases existence but not the existence of spirits. Infact many people of this nature are considered to be our most learnt and scholarly. These people often ground themselves in the everyday existance of tangible things.

The reason being is to view spiritual things one must be open to more than what one learns in books, they must be open to their imagination and spiritual influences. They must know spirit exists in their mind eye, and it is felt in their inner emotional levels, not their outer. Which brings up another reason some may not see things. when one closes their minds off to spiritual influences because of sickness or everyday pains of the worldly order they often come out of their spiritual level of sight and into the conscous realm. This isnt a negative or unordinary thing, and infact is how one blocks off things ethereal. Simply by bringing ones self to the conscoius realm and blocking, one can stop seeing whats there. it is a good exercise, but one must make every attempt to live in the yin/yang of both worlds equally.

Another reason that closes off people to seeing ethereal images is religion.  Its a very common attitude among social networks. though one can not see the divine, many state to know of its existance. Yet, many of these sorts also claim that other than GOD(using name loosely) and of course angels, anything else is the work of the devil and thus does not exist or exists in others but not in them. This also of course blocks out any inner sight or psychic(divine) knowledge. Often though the facts remain, excuses made ”its a figment of your imagination” ethereal, other realms and other beings do exist.  Just because one can not see or want to believe it doesnt mean its not there. A story comes to mind about this form of misbelief.

one day during the discovery of the americas a native american sat on the beach looking out over the waters. There he saw a strange sort of hew amongst the waves. Not knowing of anything about big ships, he took it as just being a haze, other than this everything looked normal. He sat watching the waves, the water, the birds and this strange hew. after a while he dismissed it and went back to the village.

There he just lived as nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The next day he took a friend to the beach, for they needed to gather kindling anyways. as they were doing such they also looked out over the water and saw the same thing the other had seen on the previous day, there was no differntials in the hew or the waves. And even though they did speak of this strande hew they dismissed it and went back the village as if nothing had been amiss.

The next day the workers went to the beach with the shaman of the village to gather sacred herbs. there they stared off into the hew, the workers looking as if nothing amiss. However, this time the shaman looked out over the waves and saw the tall ships in the background their sails waving in the sky.

“how long have they been there” asked the shaman to the workers, whom he had known theyd come to the spot for the last two days.

“how long has what been where” said the workers as if nothing was there

shaman “the boats, how long have they been there?”      workers ”what boats” 

“We must go back to the village and warn the cheif”            About?” said the workers

with that they all ran to the chief following the shamans command. The workers went on with their business as the shaman warned the village. That day the boats landed…


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