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Auras And chakras(Our personal energy system)

Posted by Brian on May 4, 2008

we are divine

February 24, 2008 · No Comments

We are spiritual beings living a human existence. All things broken down to their smallest parts are pure divine energy. Yet, unlike the rest of existence, we humans are given god-like abilities to create our lives in a divine way, though we often choose not to. There are many ideas about where this divine psi-energy comes including that it comes from the planets, that is is transformed matter, that it is mind power and many other theories. But really everything broken down to its smallest part is nothing but pure spiritual energy.

This divine energy is a divine Allness, and this collective divine energy has been given many names, including God, Buddha, Yahweh and many others. But, name it what you will, the energy is what it is and we in our most basic form are that which it is. Because we are human beings, we naturally name the energy and give it a form to make it more human. However, it is not human and never was nor will be. Throughout history this energy has been known, but few have ventured into what it truly is and why we are it.

Those who may be reading this are at least a tiny bit aware of this divine source of pure energy, and upon Awakening to its existence many things have suddenly been shifted in our daily lives. We have been shown there is more to life than meets the eye. Upon awakening, if for even a brief time, we have bypassed the body and mind and have delved into the deeper seated place of our soul. When this happened, we may have been at a relaxed state or possibly just out of touch of the common existence. Regardless of the state we were in, we saw, heard or felt something that urged us forward into delving deeper into this energy.

Many awakened people have moved away from the constraints of organized religions and moved into the freer, self-fulfilling movement of spirituality. For many people organized religions have moved away from us as the energy that is our divine right and have rather stated that the GOD is an outside source, and by following a book which was written by man we will meet and be seated before GOD.

This half truth has been seen by millions to be our salvation, yet to be filled like a vessel with nothing but religion is to only fill one’s self partially. And it is like trying to run against mud, this trying to fill oneself fully in the eyes of the divine energy.  This vessel must be emptied and refilled in the knowledge that though divinity is outside us, it is in ourselves as much if not more than it is outside us. Our souls are tightly woven into the divine source as well as each and every thing ever created.

To dis-attach ourselves from that divine relationship it would leave one feeling as if they were an empty unfilled vessel. Thus it is important to realize we breathe energy, live in energy and are energy. In every sense we are god-like created beings. However, we are but a piece of the whole which is creation. We connect to that creation which is seated in our divine self by meditation, dreaming and researching how we relate to all things . In time by awakening the spirit within ones self all things outside that self may change. 

We must dis-attach from that which we think we know and disassociate from that which we think we have become in order to realize our truest potential. Many people have asked me how can they become psychic. I state psychic is but a small part of which we must become, psychic is a gift given to help us realize our potential. The things that I may tell you may not sit well or be believed at the time, but for those that have become aware or are looking for the awareness I hope that this page will help you connect to the divine consciousness of your soul and assist you in becoming the spirit being you were always meant to become. In order to fulfill your growth I ask that you freely leave any comments or questions on this page and I will be honored to answer all of them.

The Chakras(our energetical lotus flowers)

February 22, 2008 · 5 Comments

Chakra is a sanskrit word for “wheel”, yet there are many different symbolic images used to describe the chakras. From opening and closing lotus flowers(which I like to use), to wheels of rotating vortexes and many more. I use the lotus because it is a very relaxing and loving, a flower that creates an image of beauty within us.

There are seven main chakras located along the spine reaching from the tailbone upward to the top of the head. These chakras work as psychic relays in the body extending outward to the aura and corresponding with the auras seven layers. These lotus flowers are ever opening and closing sometimes slowly as when one is relaxed to quickly when one is attuned. They also open fully as when one is openly and divinely spiritual, to partially as when someone is in a ill health or is in a dis-eased state. Yet, the goal is to keep the lotuses rapidly opening and closing as fully as possible, and to keep them in perfect alignment to their position along the spine. This perfection is done through meditation, relaxation and spiritual attunement to the universally divine energies.

Often one may feel ill at ease or just plain ill and in some cases it could be a chakra out of alignment. One could through meditation visualize and locate which one it may be and through different mediation techniques align their aura with ease, yet not always, thus it is best to seek professional assistance. I will however, give you two simple mediation techniques that could aid in chakra alignment.

The first is simply seeking inwardly to find what is out of alignment and visualizing it slowly shift back into its proper place. yet, another requires the use of holding each chakra’s gemstone close to their corresponding position in order from the first to the seventh,and breathing deep full breaths until you feel each chakra slowly and gently shift into its perfect position. Then stand with hematite in hand and shake off the excess energy that has been acumumulated. Always keep an open mind and a knowing heart that through visualization, mediation and imagination these exercises will work, if not immediately at least over time.

Chakra system

1st chakra- The root Chakra is placed at the base of the spine for men, and within the ovaries for women. It’s lotus sets all the energies of the universal self and sustains the grounded self into the earthly life. The petals provides the foundation for all our dreams and desires. The color associated with this chakra is red and its gemstones are hematite and red jasper.

2nd Chakra- The sacral chakra is placed at the spine just below the navel, just around the pubic bone area. This chakra is the lotus that holds the home for all subconscious sexual desires, energies, emotions and boundaries. It’s petals have also been seen to be the the psychic emotional area of empathy (gut feelings). The color associated with this chakra is orange and its gemstone is carnelian.

3rd Ckakra- The solar plexus chakra is located at the solar plexus, just below the rib cage. It is known as the lotus that holds the ego and as thus is important to note this chakra is the one to keep in check so that its use does not promote one to become power hungry or egocentric. The color associated with this chakra is yellow and its gemstones are yellow jasper and citrine.

4th Chakra- The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest area. This chakra is known to be lotus of the heart chakra and holds the love of all things within its petals. It is the chakra where one engages in community and relationship values. the color associated with this chakra is green and its gemstones are moss agate and rose quartz.

5th Chakra-The throat chakra is located at the base of the neck in the throat area. it is known to hold the lotus of communication, self expression and deep listening. This is the place where the petals hold the seat of spirit communication and psychic telepathy. The color associated with this chakra is blue and its gemstone is sodalite.

6th Chakra-The third eye chakra is located in the middle of the forehead, positioned in the middle and just above the eybrows. It’s flower is said to aid in mediation by perpetually holding the soul of our spirit. Its petals hold the seat of clairvoyence. The color associated with this chakra is purple and its gemstones are amethyst and flourite.

7th Chakra-The crown chakra is located at the top and middle of the head, right in the so called soft spot. This lotus holds the gift of the knowledge of all creation and understanding of divinity. Its petals hold the seat of pure intuition. The color associated with this chakra is white and the gemstone is crystal quartz.

There are many other chakras said to exist in and around the body, but these seven are the most known and often worked on.  Two other notable chakras are the foot and hand chakras.

The foot chakras– The foot chakras lay in the arch of the foot. This lotus is the one that connects us to earth. Its petals aide in psychically grounding us towards it.

The hand chakras-The hand chakra is located in the palm, its lotus is ever opening and closing, swirling in a never ending light that aids in receiving and imparting healing energies.


The Aura (Your Personal Energy Shield)

February 20, 2008 · 2 Comments

I usually start people out with is a little exercise in seeing the aura to show that our chakra energy externally exists, I do this by showing them their aura in a mirrored reflection, in this way the aura is easily seen by the naked eye. It does involve a few simple tools: a mirror and a little backlighting.

First, set up a free standing mirror before you. Do not have it in a bright place and don’t have a light close to it, but place a dim light behind you. Make sure the light is just bright enough for you to see your image in the mirror. When you have the light right, look into the mirror at your image, and then begin to look beyond it. Lose focus of yourself, and let yourself see what lies beyond you letting your image fade into the backdrop.

As your image of yourself begins to fade, a faint image will appear, almost halo-like, around your visage. Some may see this “halo” in colors, others may not. The important thing is to notice the halo. This is your aura. Notice that this almost looks like a mist and not of a solid form. It is neither smooth nor rough, but is like the waves of gas on a hot summer night. It does envelope the whole self and one can see this simply by following the shape all the way around them as far as the mirror allows. As you look away you may also notice that all things carry an aura around them.

The aura is a force field-like energy that is created by our energy sources, which are known as the Chakras. Think of the aura as what you see around a bright lightbulb after the light bulb is turned off. This aura is your personal divine energy and not only envelops you, but envelops and touches all things of this world. It also touches a light stream of energy which connects us to the source of all existence, GOD.

As we start to watch this aura which surrounds us and start to work with it, you’ll see that you can control the energy in you –and the appearance of your aura– by controlling your feelings. Notice the wave of energy almost heave along with your temprement. Notice how it grows outward further away or closer to your body. Notice how it thickens and lessens in density as you change your moods. Keep a log of these changes and what mood created them. This is important because as you notice the attitudes that enhance and lessen its existence and create and recreate the energy changes in yourself, you will begin to notice the auras of those around you. You can read another’s aura and learn how their auras tell their attitude, spiritual relativity and ultimately health. Yes, one can see a persons health and inflictions through the sensing of auras. With practice, you will also notice that the shades seen in the aura are darker and lighter, and may begin to show slight colors. The colors each represent different aspects and personality perspectives. The colors vary but mainly cover the same outline.

In the healthy person the aura should appear clear and vibrant, while in the ill or dis-eased it may appear murky or muddy. It also may appear to show black around certain areas of their bodies, which may tell which area may be effected or diseased. Also, the colors and proximity of the aura to the body may tell of things occurring with or around the person. In time the shades should and most likely will turn to outright colors, which follow a simple color scale, but often changes with the readers perspectives.

The most frequent and –for me– easier colors to see:

green – health, attachment to the earth, groundedness

red – a strong will and possible bad temper, loving

blue – signifies a calm nature, possible lack of determination

Yellow – strong mental level of reasoning

Pink – high level of kindness, possibly lustful, but possibly indecisive

Purple – Spiritually intuned, psychic abilities

Brown – Close groundness with the earth, undeveloped ego

White – cleansed, purity, secure with ones higher self

Black – Blockage, physical or psychological illness (the darker the worse may be)

Gray – Signal weakened areas of health or energy

Now these colors are just possible outcomes that I have noticed them to appear for me, but someone may find different meanings for different colors by their own testing. Also, it is good to note that the aura has several different layers, and each layer has a different meaning due to its proximity to the body. The colors may be different in every level, but the meaning of each color will remain the same

Each layer corresponds with a certain aspect of its corresponding chakra, yet the layer may and often does get affected by an imbalance of a surrounding layer. This spread in layer imbalance can in time affect the body as a whole, often bringing with it stress, depression and/or disease. Thus it is good to often look at the aura in the previous exercise and self judge if the aura is healthy. The layers in order from closest to the body to the furthest away are:

Etheric level – this is the closest to the body and holds the body’s blueprint to movement

Emotional layer – This one holds the truest colors and controls the emotions

Mental layer – Holds our ideals and beliefs

Astral layer – This layer holds our spiritual nature

Spiritual layer – This layer holds our true extensions to God and our higher powers

The aura layers not only can effect us in unhealthy ways, but can be used in effecting others moods. This altering can also create ill ease or ill health in others. Often people are not even aware that their aura is effecting others, this can be because they are unaware of the energy they hold in their emotions and thoughts.  Yet, the energy can be sent or received easily and either way can create sudden experiences of changes in moods while around other people, places or things.

Through knowledge though, one can easily tell when they’re around people, known as energy vampires, by the way they feel while they are around certain things. Often the things doing the energy sucking are low in their own energy and often feed to raise their energy to meet others around them. I say things because places and materials can be low in energy if ill used. The victim can easily defend themselves however when being preyed upon, by 1) noticing they are a victim and 2) Raising their own energy to create a auric shield to fend off the attack. Being effected by Auras may seem farfetched, but people’s moods affect others around them all the time. And if one is to gain further awareness they must gain an alertness in all energy.

It is important to note that Chakras can receive energy using divine sources, yet all things can affect the Chakras, which would show up in the aura’s output. Thus it is important not to let things fully disrupt your energy flow; but if they do it is important to learn how to ground and center in divine energy, and shield yourself from the negative.


Once one is alert to the divine energy around them, they will need to begin training themselves in how to control how the energy can effect them. This can be done by grounding, and there are several grounding techniques using items from foods, liquids, gemstones.  Among my favorite techniques are meditation and working with the hands to create, for when we aren’t around tools, we can always unleash our true spiritual powers through mediation and creativity to connect with the divine powers that be. The object behind grounding is to simply channel our own energies and give them to something else, in sense solidifying our own positive energies and removing the negative or stagnant.

Things that can help us ground

Gardening-Get your hands dirty by working with reconnecting to the earth by helping her create her beautiful essence.

Art-Working with clay, painting or even putting your words to paper can lift not only our spirits but ground our divinity in the now.

Exercise-Whether by jogging, sports or play getting active can leave the past and negative energies behind us and ground our true essence into the present.

Crystals-Crystals come from the divine energy of our planetary mothers thus they have the energy to not only ground but often heal if one is attuned to them.

Candlelight and incense-Our strongest senses are often our eyes and nose, thus we can often ground to the heavenly light brought about by soft glowing candles. And incense can connect us to the scents of divine smells, thus leaving behind worries and negative energies and ground us into the moment.

Foods- Tempt the tastebuds with earthly purities, the more earthly pure the better. Yet, it is better to look carefully into the containments of packaging, for often what one believes to be pure is not. This one is often the more difficult for many people have been trained to “just believe” if so believe that this grounding method is best done by researching into what truly exists and not what has been told to us.

Nature-To just wake up and get attuned to natures loving essence whether it be by walking in the park or just sitting outdoors with a good cup of joe, listening to the birds, feeling the smooth flowing breeze, opening the windows and smelling the freshness of divinely created air. Getting back to nature can just let the negative or stagnant energies of life flow from our bodies and bring in to us the free flowing energies of divineness.

Meditation- Often by just sitting and being one can remove all negative energies and get to a place where one can bring in the positive and ground them into spiritual goodness.

A grounding meditation


  1. Sit with the back straight whether in a chair or on the floor, keep both feet with the soles firmly on the ground, place the hands in the lap and make yourself as comfortable as possible.
  2. As one shifts into a comfortable position, just sit and be. Let the mind slowly close off to all sounds, smells etc. it may be impossible to shut things off completely, don’t worry about doing this, just be and relax.
  3. As you finally begin to feel relaxed feel a warm energy flow into your crown chakra and move slowly down the back hitting and attaching to each and every lotus flower, as it enters its petals feel any negativity energy change into divine energy.
  4. Let it slowly move from one chakra to the next removing with the flow all negativity, self doubt, and ill-ease not only changing the energies but removing them from your body and attaching them to the energy that is moving downward towards the earth
  5. As it goes from chakra to chakra let it free flow until it hits the first chakra where it will split and continue down the legs and into the chakras of the feet.
  6. As it gets to the soles of the feet it will root out from there as if one were a tree. Send your roots deep into the earth and feel all negativity and ill-ease leave your body. This energy will remain free flowing and active as long as it need be and in doing thus leave you grounded and attuned to the divine energies.

One may always freely leave the meditation, and come back to it when needed. Yet, by returning to the moment the energy often changes from the divine we felt to the what we were previously. There is a tool psychically used to help extend this divine period. It is most commonly referred to as aura shielding. This shield is put up in defense to the negative energies that frequently appear in our daily lives that for some reason people often let get to them, and let attach itself to one and in doing thus change our energy levels in and around us.

Auric Shielding


  1. As we end the above meditation and get to the point of relaxation and divine feelings we will let the pure energy continue to flow from the crown to the earth. Yet, we will also begin to feel the earth giving her loving energies into us and flowing from chakra to chakra upwards totally grounding us as if rooted solidly to the divine and earthly goodness.
  2. Feel the earthly good surround around the heart chakra, yet envelope the wholeness o the body. As she fully surrounds the heart see it go forward from there, sense it reach to a point outside the body about three inches in front of you.
  3. Once it is felt to be there see it begin to surround you with an egglike elastic shield of loving goodness. It is elastic for it allows one to move and be freely, it is egglike because you are now newborn in spiritual and earthly goodness and in being newborn you are being protected as such.
  4. Since we are human and living in an ever changing society, the many negativities of life may confront us, yet it can never penetrate the shield unless we let it. though it can crush the shield next to ourselves, it can always be pushed back to where it is liked. We control the shield and unless we let it, it cant be broken.

Yet it is just a shield and in time one may want to release it for it is not always good to be shielded away from life. Thus, i suggest knowing it is there and visualizing it whenever the need may arise, but it is better to attain enlightenment and become fully centered in divine knowing. Soon, through meditation, dreams and research one will begin to see that life itself is but a many faceted dream that we can control, for “we are spiritual beings living a human existence”.


The Long Walk by Brian Sinclair

  • As I walk a long hard road i listeneed to nothing but silence
  • As the day grew longer there was silence still
  • This silence grew deafening as time went forwardly on 
  • yet, I kept walking fearful that i was alone on this long walk
  • As time flew by day after day i strained to hear anothers words
  • Yet, nothing till one day i heard a fint whisper
  • I stopped, listen and looked, there was no one around
  • Where could this voice be coming from
  • am I losing my mind
  • yet the voice went on in a faint whisper
  • As time moved forward still the words came ever more clearer
  • Now at days end i understood
  • The words were coming from within me
  • It wasnt that i lost my mind
  • Its that i never looked within, it all made perfect sense now
  • Though we may seem like were alone, were never truly alone
  • God is in our soul and speaks to us in ways
  • till were ready we may never hear
  • I smiled and moved forwardly onward
  • As i did the road seemed much brighter and wonderful
  • as I neared my much awaited destination I still smiled in the knowning GOD is in us

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