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Dreams and Dream Working

Posted by Brian on May 4, 2008

Dreams: our natural step to divine awakening

March 1, 2008 · 1 Comment

What are dreams?

The great psychologists Freud and Jung, argued that dreams were productions of often ignored, rejected or suppressed thoughts. They also stated that everything in dreams represented an aspect of the dreamer or their position in life. There has never been any universal agreement on what dreams are. But I believe dreams broken down into the simplest form are unadulterated energy, whether it be physical or spiritual, and that dreaming is simply a channeling of the energy that surrounds us as we sleep. Hence it is best to create the proper energy before bed, while in bed and after waking in order that the proper dream energy be received.

I have heard many people say that they do not dream. This is obviously incorrect, for it has been proven in scientific studies that we all dream. In fact the studies say that dreams take up as much if not more than one third of our sleeping time. If this is so then why do many not remember their dreams?

Science says there could be many reasons that people don’t remember their dreams including the taking of dream inhibitors like narcotics, to over the counter drugs like alcohol, tobacco, sleeping pills among other possibilities. I say that the reason many don’t remember their dreams is that they don’t know how to receive the energy around them and that everyone can learn to do this so they can remember their dreams.

Dreaming or dreaming properly to pick up the strongest vibrations have to be done as if sleep were a spiritual ritual, because it is. Sleep and dreaming is done for the body to recover from the stresses and downers of the previous days events. It is also time for the body to heal and reconnect itself to spiritual energies. Let’s look at some ways to ready the energies before sleep.

Preparing self for the sleep ritual

  • Mother was right! Drinking a warm, but not hot, cup of milk before bed can help ease one into the mood for sleep. If lactose intolerant, drink something along the lines of soy, rice or lactose-free milk if possible. Keeping it lukewarm not hot is the key. And it is ill advised to drink caffeine, alcohol or teas before bed, for they may stimulate the body making it hard to relax.
  • Don’t go to bed until sleepy. If it is difficult to unwind try to read something creative (poetry, etc.) in order to calm yourself to a point of relaxation, not exhaustion. Television is NOT recommended for it dulls ones receptivity and may give you unwanted energies before bed.
  • Mentally review the days events in meditation way before bed in order to digest and get rid of the energies of the day. Dream time is not time to ponder life’s disruptions, so get them out of the way before you begin to relax for sleep.
  • Taking a warm or hot bath before bed can help relaxes the body. The important thing is to absolutely relax to a meditative state, not to an exhaustive one for if one is overtired they have a tendency to wake when their head hits the pillow. When you are relaxed and cleansed put on your favorite freshly cleaned nightwear and retire for the night.

Now this type of relaxation is easier said than done, for the way you’ve been sleeping has probably been ingrained into you for a very long time. Yet once you feel that you are ready for bed it is best to go to bed. Notice your sleeping environment and how you feel from the time you were relaxed outside your bedroom to the time you entered into your bedroom. Many people have a bedroom that is comfortable enough yet they would actually be better off sleeping on the couch in their living room or den. These people have set their bedroom up with all the comforts of home from televisions, radios, computers, even refrigerators. This highly stimulating environment is not supportive of deep and nourishing sleep, and definitely not for reaching the divine level of sleep.

Remember sleep is a spiritual retreat from life and should be treated as a ritual. The room for sleep should be treated as a spiritual place of honor, for dreams are from the Creator and they can help you reach your divine self. So take a step back and look at your sleeping room and start changing things to give room to the divine energy.


  • KEEP THE ROOM CLEAN-Cleanliness is next to godliness, it is hard to dream well if the energy is always having a difficulty moving around extra boxes, clothes, books. Clutter of any shape and size has its proper place and if its not neatly put in its place then you are asking for a improper dream night.
  • KEEP ALL ELECTRONICS OUT OF THE ROOM-electronics of any kind send out their own electrical energies and they don’t have the same reason for being that your dreams do. Your bedroom is for sleeping and healing ritualistically. the electronics are for entertainment, and often numb the senses.
  • BOOKS HAVE THEIR REASON FOR BEING-Written materials are written often by authors that give their words their power, that energy is often picked up and is set into dreams. Thus, it is good to read but keep your bedtime reading to creative works, instead of horror, love, etc. AND when the book is done put it out of the way. Keep the place next to the bed for the designated dream journal area only.
  • KEEP THE CLOTHES OFF THE FLOOR AND YOUR WALLS BARE-It is best to keep your sleeping room for the relaxing things. Posters, pictures, things on the floor make it more difficult for the energy to freely move and are ill-advised.
  • NO STRANGE SMELLS-Leave the candles and incense out of the bedroom during sleep, the foreign smells can create a strange energy in the room and usually don’t aide in dreaming for the beginner. Once one is used to dreaming, however, scents can highly improve dream levels.

If you are unsure of the rooms environment, step back, get down, look up and consider whether, if you were energy, would you be able to move freely with no hard/sharp areas to catch you up? If the answer is that you can move freely, then test it out. If the answer is No, then take the time to consider and remove or soften these areas so the energy can move freely.

Now, when the room is free and you are relaxed and ready for sleeping as ritual, pay special attention to how your body feels just before you close your eyes for the night. The reason for this is that there is a state where the individual may be aware of themselves as being between sleep and wakefulness called the hypnagogic stage. This state is very important because it is where a lot of dreamwork begins, or can even happen in its entirety. In this state one can lucid dream, speak to guides, ask for clarification, or get higher answers among other possibilities.

Get higher answers? Yes. In tests it has been discovered that up to 65% of dreams may present precognitive experiences. I believe that though they occur in REM sleep it is the hypnagogic that one may ask a specific question and get a true answer upon awakening. This has been tested in several people and has brought about desired results a lot of the time. It has not presented a 100% occurrence in dreams; however, though there is no tested certainty what percentage of dreams contain these precognitive abilities, it is known that if done correctly the skills do exist to get your dreams answered. I have listed a couple of simple exercises to test your ability in cognitive dreaming.


  1. While in meditation or relaxation, way before bed write a letter on what it is you’d like your dreams to help you with. Place as much energy and meaning into this letter as possible.
  2. Place this letter in a place where energy can not disrupt the energy with in it until it is time for bed.
  3. When it is time for bed place it under your pillow, then go to bed.
  4. While in bed, let the energy permeate your dreams and you should wake up with an answer to your question.


  1. When you are fully aware that you can reach the hypnagogic state, go to bed as normal and reach that point.
  2. Just before shutting your eyes for the night, within the hypnagogic state quietly ask the powers that be, within your head not aloud, your day’s biggest pondering question or desire.
  3. Then sleep as normal, you should wake with a answer. If you do not, try it again the next night. Don’t give up this may take several tries. Yet, when you get an answer you will see it in very vibrant reality-like visions and you will not question that it is your answer.

This type of dream is often called dreamweaving, and if done correctly is a very life altering experience, for one can do many things using these exercises. In them they will receive messages, meet spirit guides, and many other great things. though this type of exercise is as if you are there being the message receiver in the dream, you can not control the dream world. Though, one reaching the hypnagogic state can also with patience and practice reach an evolved dreaming level known as lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a dream in which one can consciously know and through their knowing control their dreams, sometimes completely. There are many benefits in doing this type of dreaming, for in it one can go on fantastic voyages, fulfill their greatest desires, gain insight into problems, remove blocks and self improve themselves in every way. What one does in lucid dreaming is only limited by the dreamer’s own imagination. The dreamer control’s their dream world and everything in it.

The key to being able to lucid dream is to reach the hypnagogic state in full awareness of your desires for dreaming. Think as you go through your rituals of getting ready for bed, building the energies of your desires before even hitting the bed. Build up every detail of the dream you’ll be having, from the locale to the desired outcome. Keep the energy and desire building, then when you hit the desired state quietly advise the powers that be your reason for dreaming. Then, as you enter the dream see it and feel it in a third person perspective and know that this dream is yours to control.

To get the messages from dreams or to lucid dream is only half of the battle. Many people that receive messages from dreams often forget them upon wakening. They dismiss or forget the dream they just had by quickly waking to a conscious state and by springing into action for the days events and immediately leave the dream level behind. Thus it is best to keep and use a dream journal, but there are many things to know before you reach for it.


DO NOT GET OUT OF BED – do not get out of bed. Lie as still as possible while you grab the journal and begin to write> Your movements tend to move one into the conscious moment and forget the dream, so the fewer movements you make the better.

DO NOT TURN ON THE LIGHTS- If possible, do not turn on the lights to write in your journal. Turning the lights on brings oneself into the concious level easier than any other movement.

The journal itself can be either very elaborate or as simple as a piece of paper in a 3-ring binder. The importance of the dream journal is not how good it looks, but that it and a pencil be close to the bed and easily with in reach. It also is important to note that this is a DREAM journal, not to be used for any other reason than to record dreams. By keeping this journal specific to its reason it will become a reflex to use. And in time this book will become a great tool to assist in your personalized dream meanings.


  • Write the day’s date at the top of every page before retiring
  • Write everything noticed in the dream: colors, objects, sensations, everything remembered should be logged
  • Keep and write the days journal entry as if it were a present tense story
  • If you cant remember all of the dream then write about what you can remember, but keep an entry for every single day even if you did not dream
  • If you are in a hurry write just the things that seemed most important including the dream’s atmosphere
  • If possible draw pictures to describe your dream images
  • Do not try to decipher the dream on the day the dream took place. Log it and leave it, after a week or so go back and then check over the last weeks events. Look for any connections between dreams, such as repeated themes, objects etc…
  • Upon deciphering the weeks dreams it is important to not put pressure on looking for an outcome but to let the outcome/reason find you. The more pressure one puts into a dream meaning, the more we may put an answer to the dream that isn’t truly there.
  • Keep a place in the back of the book for creating your own private dream dictionary. One may choose to purchase a dream dictionary, but it is important to note not to let the dictionary dictate your dream, be led by Spirit into whether the meaning matches your dream.
  • Finally, but very importantly, pay special attention to your dreams for any signs of anxieties or fears. If they are emerging it is best to work through what ever is causing them before continuing any form of dreamworking.

Dream meanings

March 5, 2008 · 1 Comment

I will be listing these on a day to day basis. If there any dreams you have that need decyphering please leave comments and i will do my best to answer them. Remember not all dreams carry the same meaning, but by knowing a meaning of a certainyou may be able to self decypher youre dreams.

Dream dictionary

  • Teeth falling out- You unwillingly are noticing a change, good or bad, in yourself. There are other aspects to be noticed in this dream, mainly youre feelings while its happening(pain, discomfort, joy?)
  • a planned event changing quickly due to something cheaper, quicker or more personal coming about((for example. a planned day with a hair dresser is rapidly changed by another being able to do it better, cheaper and more time efficient)- This sounds like a good thing! could be notice if the situation is acheived or if it fails.
  • dream situation fails- shows that you can be easily swayed in life by outside sources.  The fact that you are noticing in dreams that it is happening lets you know that this can be changed. Look for present situation it may be referring to and how you can change it. 
  • situation goes well- refers to one not wanting to open up to more of lifes possibilites and is thus not allowing good things into their life. If this is the case then at times you may want to go out on a limb, for good things are possible and at times, Yes! they even happen to you.

Weather Dreams

  • tornadoes- This dream shows that you are caught in turbulence of the past or present situations, notice how many tornadoes are about you? How do you feel while its happening? Are you whethering the storm or flailing about in its wake?
  • earthquakes- You or someone else are feeling that in present situation they are on shaky ground that may leave them falling(failing)in its wake. notice who is being consumed, the emotions of the dream, are you withstanding the quake or falling in to its opening?
  • Flood-this is an emotional dream where you are feeling swept away by the currents of emotions of the past or the present. Notice are you being saved? How do you feel while its happening? are you being rushed along bumping into other obstacle along the way? Does it effect others, do you know who they are?
  • Rainstorm-This usually refers to fear of something going awry in a present or future situation. notice the feel of the rain(is it warm or cool), notice how you feel while it is raining, how hard its raining is usually an indication of if you can whether the storm.
  • Volcano- This usually refers to an outside or hidden disruption coming to fruition. Notice whom or which situation it is consuming. Also notice the emotions of the dream, for sometimes the consumption is a good thing for it brings the hidden into existence
  • perfect weather- something great is happening or going to happen. Keep this dream going look for an outcome, changes etc.
  • grey skies- usually refers to hidden or present depression, anxiety or fear. this could mean that a dis-ease is coming to a forefront. This could be of a personal nature or of someone close to us.

Vehicle Dreams 

Cars– usually represent ones self and their ability to control their life situations. The make, model and shape of car represents how one looks at themselves subconciously…

  • You are driving the car- This represents having solid control over ones life
  • You are riding in the car- This represents that there there may be a life change coming
  • Someone else driving your car- This represents that subconciously you feel someone else is control of your life
  • You are in a car accident- A subconscious warning that you may be making mistakes in life. This also could be a warning so stay on the lookout for other dream symbols coming into your life, Beware!
  • Witnessing a car accident-  This also could be a preminition dream, so be on the look out. This dream could also refer to hidden anxieties or fears.. 
  • Someone you know being in a car accident- be sure to tell them of your dream, perhaps the dream could be for them. Yet, it also could mean that your holding hostility towards that person..

Airplane dreams are representative of high ambitions, money or other successes coming into ones life

  • Being in an airplane- Means rising above a given circumstance
  • If you are the pilot- Means your in the drivers seat of your success and will soon reap its rewards
  • Airport dreams- represents that one may be taking a trip. It also could mean that one may soon begin a new veture in life
  • Anytime a plane crashes in a dream- Be on the lookout it could be a premenition. It also could mean that one is soon to fail in business, love or money

Train dreams- These dreams show that life is on track

  • If a part of the train is missing or you miss a station- These dreams mean that one has a deep feeling of missing something in their life
  • Missing the train- These represent the missing out on something life altering such as marriage, birth, carreer or money

Riding on a bus, bicycle or motorcycle- Means that your riding smoothly through life

  • If it crashes- Beware!, could mean your running into rough times

Dream catchers

March 13, 2008 · No Comments

Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are devices used by many Native American tribes and used to assist in the guidance of dreams. It is said that a dream catcher catches bad energy, allowing the good to be caught in dreams. They are simple to make and there are several great sites on how to make them. They should be looked into and built with your own energy and intent, for they work great when used and built correctly.

Dream Catcher story-One night before war a young brave went to bed. As he did, he stood his war axe near where he slept. In his dreams he saw a spider spinning a web of victory among the axe’s curves. He slept well that night and when he woke, he found that a spider did indeed spin a web in his axe as the dream foretold. That day, fully rested and openly aware, he fought like a vicious warrior and his tribe won that war with little loss. When he got back to the village there was a huge meeting. There he told his story to the village shaman and was told that the vision held great power in the victory. He was then told that the reason he fought so valiantly was because of the good dreams and energy that came in while he slept. It was the spider that caught the bad energy in its webbing, thus allowing the good energy inward. At that, the whole village started making dream catchers out of sacred woods and adorned them with energy fetishes and great feathers. Since that day the dream catcher has changed very little and it still is as effective in today’s society as it was then


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