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Ghosts and Demons

Posted by Brian on May 4, 2008

Ghostly Terminology

March 19, 2008 · 2 Comments

Apparitions– manifestations of a person, place or thing in whole or partial forms. Though people do see apparitions in an almost solid state, most people see these spirits in their peripheral vision. Humans also tend to give off apparition-like qualities and are seen often in the very same way. These ghostly types are created through great times of high emotions such as love, hate, fear or pain. There the energy is given off and stays.

The senses from an apparition whether it be of human or spirit can also be noticed at times as smells, tastes and feelings. Though these ghostly forms show up frequently at places of high personal energy, they can show up anywhere at anytime. But all apparitions reguardless of form are only loops of energy that play over and over and over till they disipate over an extended period of time. 

 This energy though can easily be regenerated up to the time of its ceasing existence, by simply giving the apparition your personal energy of thought and emotions. But remember these are not actually ghosts. So, to release this spirit is always best, for it has been undiscovered if these types of hauntings actually trap the soul energy to the here and now. 

Spirits– These are manifestations of the deceased, often they are seen as orbs, vortexes and streams. Sometimes this type of ghostly appearance even show themselves as shadows, but they rarely show in solid forms such as apparitions. Spirits often communicate with people through dreams, visions or signs of emotional significance to the living.  It is also important to note that Spirits also show to us in forms of spirit guides, animal guides and angels.

Spirits are actual hauntings, for it is believed that these ghosts are trapped to wander their peice of the earth until the day they can be released and given the chance to go to the other side. It has been noticed that these ghosts are not replays of emotional energy, but infact can walk and do things any other living being can do. As such these beings also have equal the energy as we do. Meaning though they are in ethereal form they can create, think and do at will.  Thus it is important to note that spirits are ethereal people, and how ever they lived in life they still remain in death. (for ex. ((If they were hatred filled in life they are still hatred filled in death)

Poltergeist– These are aptly named “noisy ghosts” due to their talents of not always showing in form, but causing major havoc once they make an appearance. This spirit type is the one most often seen in films, you know the one where articles are thrown and doors slammed.

The fact though is that this haunting is not normally caused by a ghost at all. It is usually caused by a major flux of energy in or around the proclaimed haunted area. Almost always this flux centers around one person living in the household. Once this person is removed, the poltergeist stops, atleast for a while, until the person is returned into the situation..

Doppelgangers– This a ghostly double of a living person that will haunt their living counterpart in life. These once thought to be fictional sprits are infact a test brought to us to test our true selfs. We do not always meet them in a single lifetime, but there will come a time in atleast one of your lifetimes where they must be faced. Once faced they will haunt your every existence at work, at sleep and at play. There is no losing them, for they are only an extension of what is ugly in ones self. Thus, they are often only met when one is at a high point of spiritual awakening.

 To face them it is told in stories is to bring death or bad luck. This is indeed true because if one loses they will indeed lose their soul, atleast for a brief time. But even facing them will bring into ones life an apparition-poltergeist type haunting that often drives a person mad. If one though faces them and wins they will be brought up to the next notch on their spiritual path.

Animal Spirit– Ghostly Energy in Animal images. These can also be in apparitional and spirit forms and can also be seen as demonic essence. As humans these ghosts live in the ethereal as they lived in the earthly realm.

Entities(demons)- These beings are completely energy made, and have never existed on the conscious plane as an earth entity except for in movies and bad dreams. Though these entities do exist in a semi-solid form it is men that have given these spirits life, for they are everything negative from our thoughts, emotions and actions. As a form of poltergeist these are fluxes of energy that get attached to a person, place or thing and can get quiet nasty once brought out into the open. 

These spirits are very seldom seen, but once they are brought out by humans they get just as equally bad or worse than any known poltergeist activity. These entities change the energy of a room instantly by giving the haunted area a sense of evil, dis-ease or impending doom. They are also known to be liars and decievers, often masking themselves as what ever they want at the drop of a hat. If one is thought to even be brought out in some fashion, it is time to seek help.

Often someone of great enlightenment will need to be called in order to make them leave, for they match our own enlightenment levels equally. Thus if one is brought out by a conjurer or tool it is time to start making plans for a rescue by priest, monk or equally gifted holey man. 


Channeling– Using a medium to speak to a greater energy or deceased loved one. Channeling is often done by mediums, channelers or tools such as talking boards. It is believed that only a creature of equal or less than existance can be brought out during a channeling session. Thus if a creature of greater existance is said to be brought forth, question it…

Spirit Intermediaries– Mediums and channelers are both spirit intermediaries. They both are part of the faith known as spiritualism, which is the belief that life goes on after the death of the body. These channeling the energy are known to be intermediaries between this world and a higher being or at times of a seperate energy source. This is where the commonalities between mediums and channelers breaks, for mediums and channelers are two uniquely different entities.  

Mediums– bridge the gap between life and death by bringing spirits to those of the living. mediums work with small personal groups. Usually these groups are of relatives and/or friends of the deceased. Mediums are often searched out by these small groups of people in order to get some sort of last words or gain an answer to unknown questions.

Channelers– channel energy forms from unknown lost worlds, or distant planets to bring messages to the living. They often speak to large groups of people in large rooms such as auditoriums, though have seen some speak to small groups. These beings that channelers speak to may have never been alive, but possibly could exist through a compilation of energies. During these messages the energy beings partially or fully take over the channelers speech or body in order to get their message across. 


Channeling throughout history has been known to be easily faked due to the energy speaking largly to an audience and not to an individual. Though a short Q&A at the end of the session is usually used during channeling, the Q&A is almost always short and open ended. While mediums are also known to be able to fake, it is indeed harder due to them speaking personally to close friends or family. Thus the mediums messages have to be to the point. The messages also need to be accurately known by the receivers of the message. So, when dealing with either a medium or channeler it is best to know their background. Get some references, history and make sure to feel them out empathicly(through gut feelings).

Animal spirits

March 13, 2008 · No Comments

Are there animal spirits?

Animals are godlike creatures, in many ways they were put here to as gods’ perfect creation. They assist men dailey as loving companions never asking for more than a loving carress or a gentle word. they’ve  assisted mankind throughout history as either guides, nurturers or loving companions. Theyve assisted in times of war, in times of peace, in times of trouble and in times that we  just plain neeeded someone to be there. Animals have Been around us at every turn. It doesnt take much to see how much they our equals, yet so different. Animals are very knowledgable creatures, to just sit back and watch them quietly one may unlock secrets to nature and possibly even to the universe itself.

Animals are heaven sent souls and as such are our equals in the divine scheme of life. As such when animals die they do indeed get lifted into heaven, there they given choices. At this time of  choosing, they can choose to be sent back to earth, move on as spirit guides, or to pass on into the loving energy of god. Yet, theres a few poor souls that cant move onward to be light because they are doomed to stay attached to an area of great energy. These poor souls either remain attached to certain people or places unable to move forward for fear of unfulfilled business. For instance,

“my next door neighbor once had a cat that had lived with her and her husband for the longest time. After a while the husband died, leaving her and her only friend the cat alone trapped inside her home. Throughout this time her and the cat never parted, we could watch them both out doors chatting and playing. Yet, after a while the old lady began to get sick and ignored her cat to the point of the cat getting sick, and eventually dying. Within a few days the old lady also got sick and died. The house stayed empty for an extended length of time, but every now and then wed hear what sounded like the old ladies cat outside meowing. Every now and then we would also see that cat moping around the outside of that home, searching for the little old lady.”

As one can see this cat stayed out of a knowing it was needed, but it didnt know its keeper had also died. Though after a time this noise and visual occurence did begin to slow until it eventually ceased. Yet, theres other such occurences of animals being trapped on this plain and trapped to a certain spot due to them either dying too quickly or too harshly, often at the hands of their common ancestor, man. “Think of the junkyard dog that was tied to a stick next to the guard shack. Each day the owner would go out and hit that dog making it meaner and meaner, till it attacked the owner. This then angered the owner till he beat the poor dog to death in a flash of rage” stories like these are endless and have been such since the beginning of time. These so called earth bound spirits are doomed to remain on earth until the time comes their energy dissipates, their business here ends and they are allowed to move into the light. If they are seen or heard it is good to remember why they’re there and treat them with respect.


Apparitions, Demons or Angels?

March 24, 2008 · 1 Comment

 I believe that apparitions exist—same as I believe in my guides–some are evil ,some are good–I would like to know what makes them this way?

Apparitions are not true spirits, but they are indeed energy. This energy that makes an apparition is sent out while the person is still living, then gets trapped in a sort of time warp. This makes the image play over and over and over again until the energy dissipates over a matter of time. This period of time can be any length, but always the apparition shows up doing the same thing at the same time, with no differentials at all from the original sighting.

 This isn’t to say that we don’t see them slightly change, cause the energy is dissipating and as with all energy(light) that slight difference can bring the situation a whole new look. But, as stated previously it never truly changes, If you see it in the bedroom folding clothes today it will be seen folding them tomorrow.

The apparitions energy does dissipate eventually, but we as energy beings can add to energy making the apparition. Therefore recharging the supposed haunt-like situation. How the recharging takes place is through sending of our own emotions whether in forms of thought, deed(spell) or word(prayer). If it is not recharged though, the energy over time will dissipate and your supposed haunting will cease.

Now with that said, Why are some apparitions bad and some good?

 It is because, the energy that has made the apparition is pure human emotion. This emotional time slip was made from one of the strongest emotions one can make, being love, hate, fear or anger. Also to make the time slip the emotion would have to be given at a very powerful time in their life. ever walk into a place and have it change your whole demeanor. Ex. you felt good before you walked in and horrible after.

It is because someone previous has left an energy in the place that has changed the whole energy of the environment it once lived. Now this doesn’t mean to say you’ll be seeing an ghost-like apparition. Remember apparitions can be either, felt, heard, seen or tasted and at times it can be noticed as different senses at different times. Apparitions were once living people and at times still are living people, for some apparitions can include living human beings. Whether it is or was human doesn’t matter though the enrgy was left the same way everytime either through their love, hate or fear. This has started a repeating tape recorder-like haunting showing images of their strongest emotional moments.

If we go into the haunt-like situation and let the apparitional energy consume the us, we ourselves are just adding fuel to the fire of the haunting. To cease an apparitional situation we first need to change our energy and not let the feelings of the past overrun our emotions. Then the home should be cleansed whether through sage and sweet-grass or incense, candlelight and prayer. this does not cease the haunt overnight, but overtime will help ease the feelings and emotions of the home, hence relieving the apparition energy.

Stories from a demonic survivalist

March 26, 2008 · No Comments

My question is have you ever been in the presence of an evil spirit?
if so how did you feel it was evil and not good.

I have been in the presence of demons or evil spirits more than a few times in my life. At first upon going into these situations, i wasn’t open enough to feel a real change in the energy given out. Though quite often the feel did make me tense and often nauseous. Almost like by just going into them i could feel my whole demeanor change from inquisitive to one of ill-ease.

My Tormented soul

I was a medium in a case of suicide and had first eye to eye contact with this spirit. The spirit lay still his arms outlayed, blood filled the tub and the surroundings. It was a very scary sight, as I looked further I noticed a bottle of alcohol next to his outlayed clothes. His wrists were sliced in several spots, as if he attempted to cut over and over again until he succeeded. 

Now, I have dealt with many mediumistic cases, but this one felt different from the get go. For one he was just sitting there motionless. I thought he was sleeping, and dealing with many spirits I thought it would be best to attempt to gain his attention. My hopes again were to  just find out more information for the family. I after a minute was successful in getting his attention and as I did such he sat up with eyes pitch as coal. As I stood there in that blood filled bathroon, he stared for a moment then opened wide his mouth and bellowed an inhuman sound and with it a flood of emotions dark as his eyes.

 I could hear this ungodly sound for weeks. As i stood there staring, i tryed to come out of the moment as this poor person started grabbbing wildly for me. I came out quickly and never did go to deep into that situation, you know at times there’s just things one cant handle alone. I unfortunately then had to advise this family that they needed to gain the attention of a priest to put this poor soul to rest.

My First Demon-Like situation

On day one the day I was to enter into a haunted womens home in 1999 I met my first demon-like entity, I went upstairs to see(with my psychic senses) what it was she says that had followed her across state lines and now lived in her home. At that time I saw nothing, but as i turned to go back downstairs I passed the bathroom as the sink faucets turned on. The water of which immediately sent fog into the room and the room felt as if the heat were turned to high. As I passed I challenged it again. I then ate dinner and went home, not thinking anymore of its existence. That is until I hit my front door and entered.

As i went in my broken stereo which I was too lazy to carry down 3 flights of stairs turned on, the heat kicked on and immediately made the room hot! At that moment the fan that was in my window shot across the room with such force it smashed a whole in the wall, and the fan itself laid in several pieces.The emotions in the room and the energy made me spin as if in vertigo. As i sat trying to steady myself, I noticed a dark shadow running around my room in circular motions.

I got up the gumption to turn on my computer and look up an old friend whom at that time was a priestess. With both of us working in tandem the spirit left my home. Once it left my home it went back to where it originated. There it continued to wreak havoc, destroying and torturing them for days to come. After a week not hearing from her I decided to call, as she answered it didnt even sound like her this demonic presence had her up for days. We finally did put this energy to rest but after that we spilt up and went our own ways.

Doppelganger effect

In the year 2007 I had the worst demonic presence ive ever felt. This thing came to me in the middle of the day and it changed my life forever. I wasnt sure what i was looking at or why I received such a frightening discovery. Yet, as I lay in my living room watching television the set turned offf then back on. As it did this I heard a noise as if something fell in my master bedroom. I went to look, not knowing what id find and what I saw changed me forever.

I saw what first looked like an apparition standing in one corner of the room. Its back was turned towards me, but there seemed to even be something familiar about it then. As i began to question it, it turned and faced me. Then and there I stood face to face with a mirrior image of myself. At that moment the thing seemed to become more solid and as it did I could notice its dark energy. It was me, but an evil me. It laughed as I tryed to walk away from it, but it followed. It followed me for days in my sleep and in my wake it was there staring at me, laughing at me. 

People around me noticed a change, not only in me but around the home and even around the apartmentbuilding in wich we lived. People that called heard a weird clicking on the phone, at night people outdoors saw weird light shows coming from my window, people that came to see if I was ok left ill at-ease. This things energy grew as my energy shrunk. Finally I left that building and never went back.

It followed as I sunk deeper and deeper into depression. Finally I lost all i ever had, at my wits end I remembered something my dead grandfather once said. He told me as he lay dying that in times of need one must pray. And with that prayer to the divine light all bad things must go. At that I went to my knees and stayed there for three solid days in prayer and meditation. During that time I felt the attack on the outside, but my mind seemed unaffected. As I continued praying the outside attacks lessoned.

One the third day of no sleep, no food, no water I felt at peace for the first time in almost a month. And as this peace came I felt the light of divinity hit me and with it a voice spoke. This voice was as soft as a whisper but it held in it many secrets. As it spoke everything lifted as if by some mighty hand. As I finally stood in this light all knowledge of heaven and earth seemed to dawn on me. I Shaked to the joy of what I have learned and knew I was indeed a different person. I learned that sometimes one has to go through hell to make it to heaven.


Tools To Speaking w/ Spirit

Ouija Board Knowledge

March 28, 2008 · No Comments

What exactly is a ouji board? How is it used, and if someone does or want to use it what do you recommend?

What exactly is a Ouija board?

The first uses of spirit boards were discovered to be in china around 1200 b.c. From there these boards were later known to be used all over, From Greece to Rome to Egypt.  However, the first undisputed use of spirit boards took place in the early to mid-19th century, during the spiritualist movements. No matter the time period the divination means always pointed to a planchette spelling out some form of message. Often the planchette used was a small wooden heart shaped piece supported by three very short legs. The very earliest planchettes were affixed with a pencil that would write out messages in a similar fashion to automatic writing. 

Now in the late 1800s two business men Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard created the now fashionable planchette, the one with the window, and sold it with their talking board. Their boards were printed in almost the same fashion as we seen them today, with some differences here and there. Now, this was the creation of what is called the Ouija board. Which later was sold to Parker Brothers, who continues to hold all trademarks and patents to the Ouija. 

There’s other types of spirit boards out there, often using a simple layout of numbers, letter and a y/n. But some boards at times put so much writing on their board its impossible for the planchette to not give some of message. The board itself can be made out of just about any substance. I have seen them in wood, glass, plastic and cardboard. I believe though that the shape of a board should be round, for the energy surrounding it is freer to move. The make of the board should also be made of a natural substance, for it also is freer energy and energy is everything when doing a summoning.

The planchette, the pointer which is usually made from in a heart shaped with a window in the middle is often made from plastic or wood. These windowed planchettes, atleast by me, seem to be hard to use. For, one never knows if its pointing to the the letter through the window or to the letter at its endpoint. Now, to solve this I have seen many use things such as clear glasses to home made planchettes without the windows. These I believe behave much better, for they seem to clearly point to the symbols.

 My favorite is homemade out of a clear round mirror which I found at the local thrift. I then etched onto it with pure chalk the numbers, letter and y/n symbols. It is large enough that when no one is using it we use it as a coffee table in my meditation room by setting it onto three stone pillars. The planchette I use is simply a short clear shot-glass. When this glass floats over the letter, it is logged and later deciphered.

How is it used, and if someone does or want to use it what do you recommend?

How to use a spirit board is relatively simple, it is used by two or more people and in my opinion never be used by less than two people. The board can either be placed on the parties knees or on a hard surface. Then all parties touch the planchette with atleast one finger of one hand. I suggest touching it with your index finger of your power hand, your writing hand. Then focus all your energy into the group decided questionings. Then from there if the energy is well formed an answer in time should appear, though at time the answer does take a little deciphering.

Now the surroundings of the room or seance should be also to the likings of the proper energy. The lights should be dimmed if on at all, I always use candle light. And before the seance I always use sweet-grass and sage to sweep clear the energies of the room, thus making it easier for the proper energies to form. Now, take care in using any seance. For, seances are not games and you can only contact energies equal or lesser than your own. Thus if you are being benevolent you will call forward like forms. Also, do not just cal forward any spirit, try to contact a specific spirit. Demons are often called by the board and there are many stories speaking of them coming through the vortex created by the board itself.

Now if this does happen, and you do call forth a demon or ill at-ease energy do not think you can just throw the board away. The vortex is summoned by the board but does not lie in the board itself, as it often is formed in the room holding the seance itself. A board shalt not be burned, I have also seen this done and it doesn’t only not close the vortex but anger the spirits called forward by it. Thus it is best to contact a professional and get some advice on how to handle the situation. I usually either burn it as it is enclosed in oak, or cleanse the board and planchette by the full moon light and keep it out side for a while til I feel its energies gone.

A Question on channeling

March 27, 2008 · No Comments

In May 2006 I lost my mom. She was only ill a few weeks and passed suddenly. And I found the section here about channelling the most interesting. I wonder if you are able to channel those who have passed on who we loved?

The channeling you speak of is done by a medium. One that speak and sees the deceased loved one, this as stated previously is done on a one to one basis. Mediums are more personable and need to be due to speaking with the one person or family that needs questions answered. I do like to mediumize more than channel, because I like to be on that one to one basis. So, the answer is yes I am a medium.

.Now mediums should not be confused with channeling through a channeler. For these spirit intermediaries speak with energy of beings that may have never existed or existed on other words, or lost civilizations. Channelers speak in large crowds and often only have a very short Q&A that is often open ended and very blunt, I do not prefer channeling do to these two reasons.I love to be in the bullpen with the family, not out in left field pulling in anything in the air, for no one knows whats out there. Demons often possess the knowledge to dupe the seekers, and are just looking for a chance to cause havoc . Thus, i do not channel….


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