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Past lifes, old souls and karma

Posted by Brian on May 4, 2008

Past Life Experiences

March 25, 2008 · No Comments

What are your views on past lives?

During my first near death experience from a horrific car accident in the year 1990 I was given many prophetic visions, in one of them i did receive some insight into past life’s.

 As was read in the article  ’unlocking the secrets of the garden of Eden, we were all angel-like souls in the beginning, before time and space even existed. However, due to the eating of the fruit of knowledge we were sent to the earthly dimension. Now, as pure god-like energy before we were sent here we were both male and female energy. There was not one nor the other.

As we were seperated part of us was left in the universal energy, while the other was sent to the conscious reality(as seen in soul-mates article). we then through out life times continuously evolve growing closer and closer to a gathering of the one true self, at that time the soul mates will reconnect and get sent back to the universal dimension(heaven). However, it is not only about reconnecting with our other half, but about learning to live with ones self and all things surrounding the self as one(Karma).

Now through each and every life time there is an evolving of nature and spirit, for almost all of us were once very feminine or very masculine(cave-man). There are new spirits beings being made every second. Some of these are new in the earth consciousness and can be easily noticed for they easily exhibit pure primordial energies. Most of us though have moved forward beyond the “don’t like ‘em smash ‘em” or “We live to multiply” attitudes. Yet, some lingering of these energies still exhist in most of our subconsciousness’s til we learn to live more in a god-conscious way.

So, how do we know our past lifes?

Past life’s do exist and each and every concurrent life has some feelings or emotions from the past. Now, the hard part about that is that energy is also covered up by our conscious reality, for those thoughts are also hidden within the silver thread of our sixth Chakra. several times ive heard people state that they have some interest or illness that no one can explain. Through the reading of ones energy someone of equal or higher spiritual gifts can possibly view who they were in past lifes, how many were lived and why something was brought forward into this life.

We also can find out our past lifes through our likes and dislikes. Now it is good to know and understand that Karma at times often gives a twist to our concurrent lifes. Meaning if we were a pre-school teacher in our past life we may have many children or a love of children in this life. But, we also may hate children in this life and not know why.

These feelings can be shown in many ways, for we also may collect items from another time or place or have dreams or visions of things we wouldnt ordinarily know of. at times these feelings are indiscribable, for we may live in the city and have dreams about our country lifes. We may be of one culture and have dreams and visions of another, these are not just normal visions, for these visions seem almost surreal. these feelings are not abnormal and are infact very normal, and their not imaginary as some would like to believe.

Theres plenty that can not be known nor understood by concious knowledge that can be easily understood in the spiritual. The more one opens to their true Awakening the more that will be understood. Now there are several ways to see past lifes or bring about the understanding of their meanings. these are dreams, pay very close attention to detail.

If it is a past life dream it will be played vividly in detailed sequential order. Also we can see past lifes through visualization and meditation, many that can learn to go through meditation deep enough can gain especially clear thinking from their god-like silver thread. Also keep a journal, keep writing in this journal list everything you think you know and do know about your present life. Then ask questions and place them under your pillow(feed your subconscoius)through your dreams.


March 11, 2008 · No Comments

What is Karma?

Karma is nought but the cosmic laws of attraction. What you reap so do you sow. We are all spiritual beings living a human existence. In the creation story we see the birth of all things. We were once angelic beings, god-like in creation, yet by not abiding to the whims of divine energy we were given human guise and all born in karmic reaction to our divine souls.

Meaning before time and space even began we were already in guilt. Guilt from eating of the fruit of knowledge and not abiding to the divine plan. When caught looking into what we had no business looking into and begging for forgiveness. We as angelic beings gettting angry over what we had no business getting angry at went to war against our selves. This began the cosmic law of cause and effect, attracting like unto like. while being misguided in how we handled the situation we were cast down upon the earth to right the wrongs of our misdoings, Thus beginning the laws of Karma. 

Yet, when cast down upon the earth we were not only left divided in and of ourselves by being separated into two equal parts. We were also wiped clean of our previous existence except for the divine thread or sliver of divine knowledge hidden deep with in our souls and within this sliver held all our karma of the past. Many often go amid their lifes confused as to why things happen as they do or why they happen at all, not knowing they are continually creating further Karma in not only this life, but the next and the next and so on.

By bringing like energy unto like energy, by deed, by thought and by word we create the lifes we live, have lived and will live. This is the rule of Karma that we live as the energy we draw to our lifes, and the energy that we draw into our lifes is created by us.  With this in mind isnt it best to know we brought from life to life this cycle of loss or reward, and know that it can be controlled by no one but ourselves. In knowing this karma can be overcome, but where we overcome karma new Karma is born.

Is life then an endless cycle of Karma?

It is not an endless cycle, but karma though brought to us by us, at times seems to have a life all its own. This is due to many people living in karma knowing little if anything of karma. Many of these children of karma live in denial, not caring that the energy they send out brings about the life they live. Even others of these children live fully ignorant of the karmic law altogether. Yet, to live this type of existence helps no one and even seems to stifle the lifes of everyone they come near.

Through life lessons these children often come into some acknowledgment that they draw things unto them by the energy they send out. This awakening to the law of cause and effect at times almost seems to come and go as if by fleeting thought, for though they change their lifes karmic they often go right back and start the same cycle anew. These times can be described as the adolescence of the karmic cycle. For though many children aren’t ready to understand and work with karma, others find knowledge through karma which brings about life shattering eye opening change.  

This change or beginning understanding of the effects of karma usually brings to fruition a new karmic law known as the three fold law. This law simply states what energy we send out not only comes back but comes back in a three fold way. For instance the energy we put out there in hating or loving effects not only the things we give the energy to, it also effects our jobs, our social lifes, our love lifes and so on.  This often gives new rise to Karmic understanding.

With this understanding why not change the karmic energy we send out. In doing this we will not only change our  life’s but the life’s of those around us. At this many seem to want to change the karmic cycles. But by changing the Karmic cycles we only end one cycle to begin a new cycle. as you may be beginning to see Karma is not that easy to shake.

Then why not just live in it and change it to cause positive lifes?   

It is one thing to know that Karma exists and another to control it, even to bring about positive lives. For even though we are spiritual beings living in a human existence, we are still human. And as humans we often more likely than not let outside sources control our karmic cycles. we also let our emotions control the karmic cycles. Thus to control the karmic cycle we must first understand it then understand ourselves, why we do the things we do, why do we let our emotions control us, why do we let outside sources over run our life even at the expense of continuing ill karma.  We do these things because we have not mastered our lives, we have not mastered our walls to enlightenment and we have not mastered Karma, yet. 

We though can begin to work with karma by acknowledging we are human, work on the walls to enlightenment, learn to work with our emotional triggers, and in doing so slowly perfect becoming the newborn child that is void of karma. Why a newborn child? Because a newborn is born  Innocent, they live in constant love and constant trust of ourselves and of ourselves in the divine oneness. It is not until later that we learn of Karma, learn to master the knowledge that we affect all things and that all things affect us, and that Karma is no longer a way of life but is life. By the time we master this enlightenment in Karma we have also learned to master life, and at that point become as a master to life mysteries. When that point comes we move beyond the confines of karmic life, become one with the divine energy, and are truly forgiven of our past.. 

Past Lifes of Karma

                                              March 26, 2008 · No Comments

What’s your past life/lives????

Can you tell your future lives based on this life??

I can remember two of me past lifes very well. Some others I can’t remember so well. But I do know of certain things that have followed in each and every one of them. The life’s I remember well are of me as a little boy in a city by the sea in a foreign land. The other as a Native American next to water and a woods area. What interesting about that is I was born in Rochester NY on the lake and also a park area was outside my front door.

But there were several signs of Karma in each of them that followed right on through to today. I met and married two women, same as I did in this life. I was certain the woman I saw in each life was my soulmate, while I always went to the other one which always left me high and dry, same as in this life. The native american life I buried my grandfather the same as I did in this life. In that life I left my weapons behind for a life of spirituality, as I did in this life.

The only other thing I remember in each and every life is being spiritually gifted and using it to help others. I deeply and emotionally remember in each life dying in a cell for doing so(which in dreams refers to depression and suppression). This too I have been having to deal with in this life. Though, in this life I realized this and am now in high hopes of stopping it and making my further time here successful.

Now that brings me to a point that kinda bothers me, this life that life. It is one long life, for even though the body dies the soul goes on to live. This coming back and leaving will continue to the day where the soul is recognized and goes on to live in the presence of the father. This is the only thing one can be sure of when thinking of past life and life continuances. One can see what lies ahead in further life’s by how they live in this one. If they doesn’t see and change past life Karma then they will be doomed to repeat it in the next. Yet, by changing it in any way shape or form this too will follow you into your next. Which is why every thought, every deed and every breath has to be realized and made to be its best.


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