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Posted by Brian on May 4, 2008

Meditation- The Step to Divine Listening

March 1, 2008 · No Comments

I have been asked “Why can’t I meditate?” Most people say they can’t meditate, but everyone can meditate. Meditation is simply leaving the past energies behind for the present moment of total relaxation. It doesn’t need to be done in any specific sitting position, and it doesn’t have to be done for any extended length of time. Some positions however, do tend to assist in the meditation because they straighten the spine and align the chakras to the earth. It has even been said that mediation can be done while lying down; but I advise against this because lying down means your chakras aren’t properly aligned to the earth. In most people this results in going into total relaxation and falling asleep during your mediation!

As for how long and how often one should meditate is best left up to you. Yet, it is best if one meditates on a regular schedule beginning with short periods and building the length of your meditation over time. In doing this it will make it quicker and easier to get into the proper meditative state. There are a few things to help build up your meditative time. This category will be built to speak on these techniques, and will include breathing exercises, building a sacred space, colors, scents, music and relaxation techniques in general. If there’s anything youd like me to add please leave comments and/or enroll.

Prayer ties

March 5, 2008 · No Comments

Prayer ties are a simple craft idea, it is but a small pouch within which originally lies a pinch of pure tobacco or sage and sweetgrass. Though this is not a good idea to use with children, try using cornmeal. Older people should make them as close to originally made as it is a time honored tradition used by many Native American tribes to pray and honor the gods. When making them with children tell the story behind this project, also tell of the energy and prayer that goes into each tie.  

Also begin by clearing a table and designating it a sacred space, Then put on some Native flute music and place down some newspaper to work on. Build a special moment into the making of these small pouches, and their use and youre children will honor you for a long time. There are many purposes for prayer ties, each one depending on the tribe making them. Yet, the basis behind their making is to make them with full prayer intentions, pass them on to the ones you honor, friends-family-neighbors etc. And them let them hold on to them or place them up so that the energy of the bag permeates their abode. This is a simple method for making these time honored traditions, yet be creative in their making and make each bog youre own.

• Small squares of cloth, of any color, use the color chart – cut the peices into 4” squares
• Cornmeal – a little bit of this will go a long way

• Thread-try matching the color of the thread to the color of the fabric 


  1. Have each person make their own ties.
  2. cut the fabric into 4′ squares. Place each square ontop of youre closed fist
  3. slowly open the fist to leave a small opening
  4. place the square on the fist and slowly poke square into the fist leaving a pouch like opening
  5. Place a pinch of cornmeal into the pouch
  6. close the opening of the pouch and tie it closed with a good length of string.

Make sure through all this the energy is sent into the project tottaly, then let give them away as gifts to those special people in youre life.


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