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Psychic Exercises

Posted by Brian on May 4, 2008

Psychic Exercises

March 2, 2008 · 1 Comment

Psychic Training

One of the biggest factors in how to open ones self up to psychic-work is to practice different exercises. In doing such one may eventually be given proof that things are psychically opening up to them. Thus I advise one to have and keep a pocket sized psychic diary. This should be kept with you always, for you never know when psychic awareness may open to you and if youre not ready the proof of its existence may be forgotten.


Psy-games is anything that maybe used to do two things 1.)have fun and 2.) proof that psy is existant.

Esp exercise

One such exercise is called “Proof” it is played in large or small groups, but has to be played in groups of atleast 2 people, a sender and a reciver. When everyone is finally in the same room and relaxed it is time to decide one person in the group to leave the room for a short period of designated time. Make sure the sender goes to a place they can not be neither heard nor seen.

Once there have him/her think of an object and on a peice of paper have them write out the word of the thing he was thinking. while they are doing this hand out paper and pencils to the rest of the group and have them start drawing pictures of the thing the leaver is at the time thinking. At the end of the designated time, have them come back, at that time have everyone finish creating. Once everything calms down have the group advise on what they have recieved images of. When it is all told, have the leaver show what it is he has thinking of. Keep this cycle of players going till everyone has had a turn as a sender.<Note> This game can also be played in the same fashion with premade pictures, just hand them out at the door when everyone comes<note>

I Wonder Exercise

One of my most favorite exercises consists of something i called “I wonder”. It is played easily enough with youre pocket journal and anything that can be proven( the mail, a phone call etc.). As you go to pick up that phone, go to the mail box etc. just simply write what it is that you will be happening. As you answer note how close youre answers had come to what has actually transpired. Why is it important to note in the journal, for proof later of it actually happening and in doing so exercises like this will undoubtedly open you more…


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