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Visions of heaven and hell

Posted by Brian on May 4, 2008

What is Heaven like?

I can not answer this question, for it may not be the same for everyone. I can though tell you what it was like for me and what I saw on the other side.
I had my first near-death experience in the yr 2000, when I was in a major car accident that sent me through a car window and through an outer wall of a brick house. I remember everything from that accident up to the time they sat me in an ambulance, from there it all went blank. I was told that I was out for approximately 10 minutes, but during that time what i saw and still freshly remember couldnt have been seen in that short of time.
I remember laying down in the ambulance, then everything going black. i could hear no voices nor see no people. I did however notice the vortex of white light that opened in front of me. As it opened wider I had the feeling of being forced pulled up off the bed and through the light. As I walked through this light which I could only describe as a tunnel, for all was lit in it but pitch dark all around it. As i walked through it, or rather was led through it I saw it finally open into a scene of what looked picturesquely roman.
The tunnel opened up into a city-like area. The first thing I noticed was the grass how perfect it looked. It was almost surreal, the texture was almost leather like. Its color was of the brightest green and it was the most perfect grass ive ever seen. Just beyond that lay a sidewalk which seemed to envelope the entire city in an almost circular pattern. It seemd to be made out of large cobblestones with the color as if that of gold.

I heard that someone had always been on the otherside to meet you there. I hHowever ended up meeting no one. And seemed to have the luxery to walk aall about this great area almost as if unnoticed. As such I walked there and mentally logged everything I saw. I stepped on the sidewalks and noticed it made no sounds, it felt solid but was most surreal. The buildings there seemed to be made in a very glass-like smooth and shiny unmarked white marble. The forms of these structures again seemed very roman in nature. There were several there almost as many as the eye could see. But the one I most noticed was in the middle of all the others, this one was very large and most studious. It looked very regal and important in nature.

Till i walked into that building I could have never guess just how important this building was. It had several steps leading up towards its columned doors. There once entered stood a mirror like floor and a wonderful fountain of pure marble. Looking beyond that seemed to be books shelfs filled with papers and ledgers. To the right of the fouintain the building ended and a wall stood. However, to the left stood a single wood book stand, holding a thick book, about the thickness of the bible. As i went there and read it I saw no words. But when i closed my mind to what I thought was there, words began to spring forward. This book held everyones past, present and future. Yet, it wasnt till you thought of the person that the book held the words.

I closed this book and turned to face a steps that seemed t go on forever. this building which looked so small from the moment I entered now opened to an unsurmountable amount of room. I heard my voice called and walked up, higher and higher I climbed. til I seemed to hit the top floor and saw the brightest light Id ever seen, there from this light was my name being called. I can not remember what it said, for it didnt seem to talk to my ears but to my mind. It seemd to unlock secrets and stories of the highest order. With my mind I listened and remembered, when it was done I walked away dazed fro what i saw.
As i continued down the steps I met people walking up, they didnt seem to bother me, so I walked on and went back out from this one building. Once outside I noticed people of all shapes sizes and forms, they carried books and walked there and fro never seeming to notice me in their midsts. I followed a few of them to the right of this building, past a small shed like structure and came upon a garden.

This garden was made from waist high hedges of green. They seemed to square of an area, which turned out to be a maze with only two entrances. I walked through the front one and went through the maze, each step a new memory coing to mind. With each step taking me inward towards the center. As I got to this center there sat a solid concrete thrown, no frills, but chiseled out squarely. As i sat in this throne, I stared upon a golden gate, and more hedges bordering off the area I was in and an inner area. 
There to the left of this gate stood a guard. This guard wore an amazing suit of golden armour. He held in his had a long sword of peircing flame. He seemed very quiet for the longest time. Til he seemed to state out loud in a clear and omnipotent voice ” It is not your time to be here, you have further work to do” With that as if snapped back by a rubber band I was pulled back into my body which lay on a table in an emergency room.

My visions of Hell

April 10, 2008

I have been asked about what hell looks like and I have to state, Ive been there and back during my second NDE. I don’t think of it as hell, for I don’t truly believe there is a place as Hell. However there is a dark place, very much like earth in every way. This place though remains dark most of the time and it seemed rather cold and lifeless.

I know not everyones vision of this place is the same, so I am just going to tell what happened before during and after my ventures into this dark place.

It all started on a very nice day in the middle of summer as I was driving my motorcycle down a very curvy road. As i started to go around one very sharp corner, a large dark dog ran out in front of my bike. As i swerved to unsuccessfully miss it, I hit it head on. I flew over my handle bars, not sure how looked back to see the dog run off unhurt. That was the last thing i remember as I hit concrete head first.

I am not sure how long I was out, I hadn’t remembered anyone being there when i flipped. The ravine, bike and I were well hidden in a woodsy area, but someone did find me and they themselves were uncertain of what had transpired. But, later i was told from someone that I’d flipped, cracked my helmet in half(which was later handed to me in two parts), and then me and the bike went into the ravine.

I obviously remembered none of this but did remember being removed out of my body as i did in my previous NDE, only to be latter dropped with a thud on a dark hillside. As I stood it didn’t seem any different than any other hillside, but the feeling was very dim and gloomy. I looked around only to notice 4 very tall pillars, almost looking like unmarked dominoes. They surrounding me at all four directions. These Tall pillars stood there ominously seeming to hold immense power. I later learned they were infact some form of huge energy conduit. I Stood as they gleamed, then decided it was time to walk. I moved over the hillside southward, making every attempt to find out why this didn’t look like familiar.

I walked for a while till i reached the other side of the hill and stared down into a city. There were all makes of people there and some not quiet so human looking beings. These people were all in an uproar. marching in the street, throwing stones and firing guns. Others seemed to dodge then fire back with their own barrages. All seemed so twisted as if in a nightmare.

As I stood there gawking visions hit my mind like a heavy hammer. In my head I saw large amounts of police guarding govt type buildings. I saw people rushing these guarded buildings in innumerable quantities. These people tore those steps and everything in their wake to shreds. I then saw visions of these people wearing some kind of mini-chip in their wrists, which were supposed to help them, but ended up being nothing more than a govt GPS.

I then heard sudden eruption as the earth shook before me. There a sudden mountain  of earth rose from the street. Then mountains started rising from everywhere. They rose higher and higher creating almost volcano like monuments. Over time these mountains stopped rising then starting firing off balls into the sky at every direction. They did this till the sky was on fire.

Then everything became fire and brimstone. This lasted for a time till i was awoken and quickly pulled back up out of this realm. I then found my waking up in a hospital bedroom. Was this Hell as some know it, was it another realm of darkness between worlds, or worse could it be this plane yet to come.


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