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Posted by Brian on May 5, 2008

when does the soul decide to reincarnate?  Before the woman is pregnant, during, or right before the child is born?

I believe the soul decides to reincarnate even before the mother becomes pregnant. The soul is energy, which is born into a human guise. This soul energy never dies it continues through a continuous life while the bodies come and go. Each step of the souls existence is to learn a lesson of coming back into the oneness of the divine  all.

Though once the body dies we do go through a tunnel and enter the first level of heaven, where we decide what it is we learned and what it is we need to learn. It is when we sit before the golden gates upon the chair of judgment that we decide to come back. This is no easy task once ones eyes see the gates and know what lies on the other side is everything one hopes for.

Yet, one can not move forward without learning the lessons of life. We are reminded of that at every step in that first level, through learning, classes and even others that surround us while in that special place. We do choose the lessons we need to learn and learn them continuously through each life. If they are not learned before our previous death then we are doomed to repeat them til we know them in totality, hence Karma.

we then come back in a new body. Once born we are very much connected to the divine knowledge, but once we begin to see and learn, we then start to build up our walls and forget what we once knew. Then once again it is for us to awaken and reconnect through out life lessons. However, depending on how well we learned the lessons in the previous life we will reconnect to divinity faster and easier.



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