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Animal Familiars

Posted by Brian on May 6, 2008

Animal Familiars

March 16, 2008 · No Comments

what are familiars?

Familiars are another sort of animal guide altogether, for they are soul matches with fur, scales or skin. They are truly a gift from god, for it is he that has sent this animal into your life to watch and nurture your every emotional need. Animal familiars can come to us in any form, not everyone has the good nature to find theirs or want them. Yet, for those that do find their familiars several things are noted.

  • They seem almost human- They of course weren’t human, but they have been around humans and have collected that  energy since the beginning of time. they came with you when you first entered into the earth energy and have been with you ever since. Thus these were truly a gift from god.
  • They seem to be psychic- Our familiars have been around us since time, and as an animal type soul match they know us at times better than we even know ourselves.
  • They love us unconditionaly- This is very true due to them being the angelic soul matches they are. When met the binds that tie human and animal together are unbreakable. Even if they are wronged they are fogiving. If they are split from their masters by great distances, they seem to know where their owners are as if by some form of homing beacon.
  • Theres many more ties between human and beast, infact too many to mention. But, if you have a familiar you know it.

Are familiars just a pagan ideal?

Familiars do not belong to any one faith, but they are spiritual beings with no ties to religion. They come straight from the creator and are our soul matches just the same as human matches. it always bothered me when i was close to the religious faiths, that many stated animals had no soul. While on the other end of the spectrum it bothers me when pagan-type faiths state that animal familiars are just theirs alone, for familiars indeed are heaven sent, not to be owned but to further our lifes as familiar owners.

While growing up it was evident that all things that had energy had a soul, and it goes with out saying, animals have energy and at times they have even more than their human couterparts. familiars are not just animals, their animals with soul and  that soul is attached to a single person throughout existence. When familiar and keeper are finally together each soul is matched perfectly and a life tie complete.


One Response to “Animal Familiars”

  1. blueye01 said

    I would agree that animals can have a strong emotional and psychic connection with their owners . Animals can see more of the available light spectrum than humans and can hear and smell in a way that far surpasses any human ability . That’s why they make fantastic Psychic Energy Detectors and often can sense spirits , elementals ect long before any human may notice . Though for me Animal Familliars do not have to be physical . They can be animals that have passed on into spirit or even Energy that we create ourselves out of a pure projection of mind energy . I have had a look around your blog and it’s good . There is not much that i would disagree with . I will stop by from time to time . Take Care! .

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