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Are We Supposed to be with our Soul Mate~?~

Posted by Brian on May 6, 2008

 If were not supposed to be with our soulmates in each life then whom are we to be with?

OK, good question and these of course are only my feelings on this matter, we all feel differently im sure, for no two people are alike in all ways.

This question goes back to the whole soul mate soul match question answer i did a few weeks ago. In it I stated what the two were and how they differed. The soul mate, or what some people call twin flame, is one soul split into two equal parts the yin and the yang. Each part is an equal half of the other and in each life meet and keep each other up to speed with learning the life lessons. Now, the soul mate that comes into your life is always the opposite sex as you and may be of any age. However, when you meet them your whole energy matches theirs and as such their meeting changes your life direction and theirs equally and often tottaly. This evens out any differences the two may have in their lifes and keeps them equal in everyway.

The soul match however, is more a group of friends that travel through lifes together learning and meeting at diffeent levels and strengths of learning. although they often learn together and grow quite fond of one another through each and every life time. Thus, if a soul match is of the opposite sex, your hearts often go out to one another and grow into a loving bonding relationship. This does not mean that each of your soul matches are of the opposite sex or in the loving relationship form. Often these groups also come together in business, friends and such.

These soul mates always one met seem to be realized as if they were someone you met some how previously. If we are just coming into a awakened state, the reason why this is such may not be known. However, the friendship will be very strong as will any business or lessons needed to be learnt. These relationships are very much needed and just as god given as the soul mate twin flame concept.

These soul matches are often the ones to be sought out and kept, for they are almost as equally strong in love and bonding. The soul mates, though are more spiritual and only come to be in your life as a mate once your learning’s of the divine lessons are nearing completion. Hence these two energies are always felt to be in a very old soul and almost priestly way. For, once these two meet each are equal in male and female energies, the learning is complete and they join in equality and as such are free to enter to the other side of the heavenly gates.

So, how do we really know who it is were with mates, flames or matches. It is often easy to see by taking a quick hard serious look at ourselves. Are we ready to enter the pearly gates? Are there really no lessons to learn or reasons to come back in a reincarnated form?     So, who in this manner of speaking are we meant to be with in each life except the last. It is our friends, our lovers, our equal soul matches.

Now with that said I really want to mention one other things about soul matches and another form of lover. That being the societal soul match. The god I’m getting older or lonelier and need someone and this person likes the same things i like, yes there a difference but we’ll work on it soul match. This is not a true soul match, but what i call a societal match. For, they often come into our lives not to compliment us but to some how complete us. How is it someone else will complete one if the one is not already complete. There often will be a good match however, it more than not will need a ton of work to stay together, especially in today’s society of married one second the next divorced.

In my opinion never can one complete another. It is always better to be complete in ones self before even trying to act as one in a two person marriage. This again is only my opinion, but I feel the answer to whom are we supposed to be with in this life is more a question of who we are and how high of a spiritual being we have become. In more life’s to most people the answer of who are we supposed to be with is a true soul match, to the older souls it just may end up being our soul mate/twin flame. It also depends if we are willing to wait and complete ourselves in order for that person to come into our life.



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