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Do you have a choice about what you’d like to achieve in your next life?

Posted by Brian on May 6, 2008

Once one enters the first stages of heaven and come our of the darkened tunnel between our energy level choices begin. Once one enters there things are often very confusing, this is why often loved ones and relatives meet us there, but not always. Sometimes no one meets us this was my experience.

However, I was not the only one to enter there at that time. There were others and those or most of those had someone meet them, soothe them and help them get accustomed to the opposite side. Now, once those people are accustomed and calmed choices do begin. Each person has to go through what they have learned, what they have achieved and what they have lost or left there in the earthly plane.

Time is not even close to being the same in the two realms, but to one each level seems to be going at the same pace. But here on earth centuries sometimes pass in the matter of months.  During the time on the other side past life’s will be explained over and over. As will all losses of loved ones, lost things and lost moments of high or low emotions.

These moments of high emotional lessons will be gone over time and time again. Almost as if to yank at your heart strings and get you yearning to reincarnate. In doing such learn and live with the people or things you left behind. However, it is also explained that these things and people you once knew do not exist as you knew them. It is though also explained that you will know them by their emotional energies, for that will remain the same.

This is actually what most choose to come back to be with, the emotional and attached feelings that were lost. This is what most decide to come back for.

Now, once the learning and reenactments are complete one will get a chance to sit on the throne of judgement, there one will be asked if there’s any reason you would like to return to earth. Words will not have to be heard or muttered, your emotions and your true feelings will be felt by the higher powers while sitting thier on that throne.

Judgement will be passed and your decisions met. With this done so is your life and lessons be chosen. You will be reincarnated to relive, love and learn those, your choices. With this now done a new tunnel will open and you will be sent back to an awaiting embryo until you are reborn.


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