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Reincarnation and parents.

Posted by Brian on May 8, 2008

Before reincarnation do we choose our parents?

Once we enter heaven this is one of the things we look at, how well we were parented and how well we parented. From that we see how many walls were thrown up and how over come them. we also see what in life was loved and done well and what was missed and could use work. Life on the other side is a lot of rehashing of the previous lifes and what could be done better or what was done right.

After much deliberation and careful planning we are led to the throne of judgement. There we are shown and must walk alone to the throne, where many sit alone awaiting judgement. There are many things which are looked at one of them is not which parents we want to have when we come back. Yet, we are able to choose what lessons we wish to learn or relive once we are reincarnated.

The parents are divinely chosen as to which would better assist in our learning. What ever lessons we are coming back to learn will start to be planned even before we are born. The environment and social walls will be set in motion normally even before childbirth. Yet, even when born we are still in the divine light. It is not until we start to see and realize what is around us that our learning begins.

Again this is my beliefs and not every ones. Thus I write it for myself and others of like mind. I hope it answered the question and as always I welcome any follow up questions or comments.


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