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Reincarnation and Physical Apearance

Posted by Brian on May 8, 2008

Can we choose our physical appearance before we’re reincarnated?

My personal views on this matter, after readings hundreds of people and viewing many past life’s of my own, is that we can not choose our appearance for the next life. we when in front of the pearly gates choose to come back and what lessons we need to work on in the new life period. Usually this pertains more to spiritual lessons and emotional lessons, not physical.

In fact i have noticed that in heaven everyone treats each other and each thing as equals to themselves.  They work together as a combined unit for the common good of all things. It is only here in this realm that many choose certain meanings according to characteristics. It is good to remember we are spiritual beings living a human existence and at times it is best to look on that and see it isn’t the appearance that matters but the divine light within.

Now with that said it is also good to note that divinity is always watching us in every realm in every way. As such they may deem it necessary to bring someone back under a certain characteristic so that the lesson may be better learnt, not easier or harder. In this way when sitting on the throne of judgment it may also be chose by the divine powers that it may be deemed necessary to come back with certain handicaps and/or ailments. The reason for this is that all in life brings about certain lessons. One of the biggest lessons is to learn to overcome  adversities and vainess. 

These are my beliefs and as such i post them. They are not every ones I am sure. However, the answer to this question is we do not choose characteristics, we can only choose what lessons will need to be learnt in the next lifetime, the rest is up to God. I hope this helped.



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