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Curses a reality?

Posted by Brian on May 9, 2008

in your opinion are curses real?

In my opinion curses are real only if you give them the power and energy they need in order for them to work. Energy is a very powerful thing and if you give too much to any one thing you are left depleted. Also giving to much personal energy to any one thing means you often do not have enough to sustain youself which often in itself causes curse like effects of ailments and/ or dis-ease.

Also it is good to remember energy is life making as well as life sustaining. Meaning if you give a so called curse your energy, that energy can be manipulated to give the curse itself life. That is what I believe someone that sends a curse plans on. In givine a curse life you also are empowering the sender. This is what they are also planning on, thus it is good to fight these people and the their way of attack.

Fighting these people and their attacks is easier said than done, for starters one must be in total control of their personal energy. In this they will know if their energy is going outward towards this form of attack. With this knowledge you are empowering your self and not the sender. In this also you will be able to center your energy, pull it back into you and negate any possibilities of this curse having any effect at all. This also can be done by shielding oneself which I have listed a exercise for shielding in the divine energy section. Always stay grounded, centered and shielded and never give someone else enough power to steal your personal energy.

In my opinion curses are not real, but the effects of curses are and their made by our own making. They are made in very much the same way in reverse of what I often advise people to do to lower their walls. Thus it is not the person giving the curse that has the power, it is us that gives them the power. We must not let them in or they win. This is my opinion…


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