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Astral Viewing

Posted by Brian on May 10, 2008

What is the Astral plane of existence?    

 The astral plane of existence would be a divine level of existence outside our known conscious senses. This level is easily reached if one is able to get beyond known conscious and sub consious or ego based walls. In this level of sght one would primarily in a divine level of existence and senses.

One normally reaches this level by high mediation or trance-like work. If one is a beginner Intuitive they might not be able to reach this level at first, but never give up hope for this level once one reaches it becomes easier the more it is reached. Though there are things one needs to know before even attempting to reach this level and that is that this is a spirit-ual level of existence. Meaning this is where spirits are easily reached.

Thus it is best if one were to even attempt to reach this level to make sure they are both grounded and shielded against any spirit presence. Both grouning and shielding exercises can be found in the divine energy section. These as well as centering should be done on a dailey basis to make sure the personal energy levels are in well maintained.

Now once you are certain your person energy is maintained, always make every attemtp to ground and shield before doing any sort of Intuitive workings. Shielding with in the light is a way to make certain there are no negative energy attachments that may cling and make this sort of work harder. Also always ground and center before and after any energy work is done. Another tip before doing this type of work is to drink and have handy at all times a glass of water, for some reason doing this type of work always makes me extremely thirsty.

Now as I always tell people the best way to do this is to try to not do it. By trying to hard you are actually putting up a wall of control and if they are not able to reach the astral level at first the wall of the lack of control. secondly after grounding and meditating, shield and just be in a meditative state. Once you feel comfortaby at ease in a meditative state just let your mind drift. Let it go where ever it takes you and log everything in a journal once the exercise is over. In time this exercise will let you see things as if you were actually there.

This place in the meditative exercise is the astral state of viewing. Play games in it by see ing if you can reach someone, then call them and see if they were doing  what you saw them doing. Also if youve never been to a certain place write everything down then go and see if it is as seen. Also it is a fun exercise to have two people practice. In the astral level all things are possible and I mean all things one would do in a consious level of existence. It is also a great place to meet your spirit guides and angels. So just practice and be…


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