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Dream Speaking with Spirit Guides.

Posted by Brian on May 10, 2008

While talking to our spirit guides in dreams, are we in spirit form?  or soul form?

Both of these things are as equal to one in their divine level as the body and soul is to their conscious levels of existence. Meaning the spirit level of one is like that of ones body in a divine level of existence.  It is good to remember we are spiritual beings living a human existence. This means we are spirit but still our inner-divine consciousness is that of the soul. 

In the soul we are all pure emotional energy. Even guides and angels have a soul, they are all different in thoughts and actions. Each though has learned to live as one as their souls are purely divine. The spirit form comes in the appearance of an astral-like body. This body is also pure energy and each one in this form also looks differently. Meaning even when we reach this level of existence each of us is as we are now but in an energy form, not a solid form.

Each of these levels of existence can be reached in an earthly body through meditation dreams and high spiritual exercises.  Though to reach these forms one must be pure in intentions and thought, whether that thought and emotion is of a spiritual or negative vibe is up to the person. It is good to remember with this said that as one is in life one is in spirit and in soul. As was said in the astral viewing exercise spirit entities can be seen in an astral view, this is why it is always advisable to be shielded and centered in the light not the dark. Always ground before and after such exercises.

Now, the easiest place to reach ones astral soul form is in dreams. In dreams one can and often does reach and speak with spirit guides. When one speaks to spirit guides they are in a spirit form, though the soul is speaking from within with the intent and emotion. There are ways to make sure one reaches and speaks with spirit guides and to make ones intent clear this was given in the exrcises of speaking with spirit guides under spirit guides. The one more speaks and reaches their guides the easier it becomes, also try to listen with your inner ear and in time this will even become possible in your daily life.




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