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The Spirit and Soul of Divine Energy

Posted by Brian on May 10, 2008

so the Soul is what?…..and is Spirit just another term for the same thing, or differentiated?

 Both of these things are as equal to the body and ego but at a Divine level. Meaning that the spirit and soul of an individual is as the body and ego but in an energy form.  It is good to remember we are spiritual beings living a human existence. This means we are spirit and soul in an earthly shell. In the soul we are all in a pure divine emotional energy. It is in spirit that we differ.

The spirit is like that of an ego, ones spirit is only as pure as their intentions. All things, even Angels and Demons have soul and spirit. Though they are purely and Divinely different in their intent. It is good to know that nothing is evil, it is only misguided.

All things demonic and angelic are attached to the Divine powers. Thus nothing stays misguided forever. This is where the soul of all things comes into play. Even if misguided the soul is always intact and always tied to the Divine powers. Thus the soul is pure Divine energy and the creator of all things, while the spirit is free to learn and make mistakes in order to reconnect to the soul.


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