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Divine Love

Posted by Brian on May 19, 2008

Divine Love is finding someone that complements you not completes you.

This meaning has come to me recently more than ever with the meeting of a new someone. Its much more important to be complete in yourself and not to depend on another to fill you completely. In finding all of you you are truly free to see another with fresh eyes and love in your heart. Ive seen to many couples life’s fall apart because they weren’t sure of themselves and in being unsure they looked at the other person to complete them, when they didn’t they blamed the ones they loved for their life falling to pieces.

Soul mates and even soul matches are people that we’ve lived life times of peace with. Yet, they never completed us, they just accepted us for what we were and allowed each other to grow. Sometimes not as a couple as many like to think, but as mother and daughter or father and son, even at times just as great and very close friends. Either way the energy around these people could not only be felt but seen by even the faintest of spiritualy trained eyes. Yet, even these two mates have times that one is learning what the other has already learnt. Thus again they are not there to complete but to complement each other.

One can never be too spoiled with the love and caring of another, it is infact a perfect way to help them grow. It seems over time many if not all get to some point in their life where they feel love is but a 4 letter word. These people often need the highest amount of caring of a fellow person.  I too fell into this trap until recently thinking that someone in my past was my end all to be all, only to quickly take a glance and see things in life get better with Divine blessings of a new person.

 When one begins to work on themselves and not look for things outside themselves true callings in the divine will present themselves. The Angels and Divine light will send you that someone which is needed in your life to help you move even further forward into a true Awakening. Whether that person be a teacher, a friend or a lover. It is wise to not look for that person to complete you but know through working on you you are being watched from heaven above and things will be set in motion for that person to come into your life, once it becomes time for it to happen and that trying to rush that person into existence only sends your personal energy outward away from the true work at hand.

 Though it is important to note that things will show in dreams or even through other people to make you aware of the type of people the Divine may be sending, just to make you cherish the sent person well advance of them coming. Thus look into your dreams, your visions and your past hurts and keep a mental list of what is needed in that true soul match or mate and when they come they will fit every bill that is needed not wanted in another, but that which is needed must be found in you first. Everything when this person comes will be seen in both people equally as two people, but at the same time as one, as complements to their Divine futures. ~peace and many Blessings



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