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Soul Mate/Match Relationships

Posted by Brian on May 25, 2008

All Broken down to their minute existence is but Divine Love.

Yet, this energy as most know can sometimes be weaker or stronger. Does this mean that one is better, more in tuned or just not trying. No one can beat or put Divinity out of their minds no matter how hard its tried. We are all creators as well as created, though we were created in the god image. With that said then though were living in this life and die in this life and can possibly put off the learning in this life(or so many think). We will live again and anything if not everything done in this life will be still in tuned in us in the next life just as it was in the previous life’s.

As many have read, soul mates as well as soul matches are people or groups of people that we have traveled with many times over in previous life’s. Yet, we grew up separately. Meaning that though the soul and energy may remain the same as we may know it, the body and its conscious and subconsious are more than likely extremely different. This is due to both growing separate and learning from societal and familial groups, where ones traits often wall in that which we were.

  Thus when we do meet our soul mates/matches we may know who they are and that we love them, but if their still walled up in life they may not know or believe in what the other is. Still we are free to love them as what we know them to be, but it takes time to find out if the other comes around and it definitely takes time to know whom they now are. We still are able to love them and be one in the universe with our selves, but by not letting them have the time to see us for us then we may change the outcome of the relationship by rushing the outcome and changing the energy.

The answer lies in time, we often meet to get the other or others to open to divine energy and in doing such possibly get them into a higher level of thinking. Though this is no small trick, when this happens one must guide not lead. More time than not what one has the other has not. Whether one is guided to the now, while the others head lies in the clouds, we are always there for a reason. Though it may not always be the reason one or the other or both may want.

However, time is not any enemy in times like these for both mates or matches travel life’s hand in hand. Time is a friend, once these two meet very seldom do they part. Yet, often they separate never shall they leave as their energy and memories will always remain fresh. Take the time to learn, not by asking questions but by living and seeing and breathing what the other is in the now, not in the then.

 Keep a stiff upper lip for things may not work out as they are hoped for, and never try to change the other person. Just be there, guide them and love them. Never, lead them by words or actions but by examples. Show them love and that love just isn’t a 4 letter word. Show them that divinity lies in ones heart and mind not in a 5 letter book or societal scenery. Always be there for them, never leave, just guide and let divine powers take the course. Hope this helped ~peace and god speed to your true awakening


2 Responses to “Soul Mate/Match Relationships”

  1. Tina said

    I have waited all of my life for my soulmate. Not rushing time is very difficult but needed. I understand the problems of trying to make life happen the way you want, guiding not leading, loving unconditionally. The question is when do you know it is the right time, the right energy, the right person? When is the right time to say “I have found my soulmate, the person I have been looking for all of my life”?

  2. On the topic of time. It is this time in our evolution that twin souls are uniting and collaborating to fulfill their missions together.
    Divine timing brings them together to complete the karmic plan for their progress. Lessons of love mature them. I received a note from a 13 y.o. boy the other day who has fallen in love with a girl who he wants to marry when he grows up. Puppy love? Not that simple. He found his twin and is cognoscente of their destiny.
    Hope you will get a copy of my latest book, Divine Complement:
    The Spiritual Terrain of Soulmate Relationships.
    God bless you,

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