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Posted by Brian on August 22, 2008

A lot of friends and viewers have wondered what Ive been up to lately. The answer is simply trying to balance. Trying to balance my spiritual life with my personal and my personal with my family. Ive been working hard long hours trying to learn a new job and get life in order. It isn’t easy, yet this is a test from the creator. Not everything in life is easy, some are darn near impossible, yet they are possible if one is of proper mindset.

I know many that look up to me in search of fast and easy help to life mysteries. The answer is that there aren’t any, a lot if time one must simply “Give in and Give God”  This has been one of the hardest things it seems for me to do, for one seems to always want to be in control of their own life’s. Are we ever truly in control or is it simply that we believe we are. I believe it is God, using the word loosely, that is the master of the control that is life. Simply I learned I can and often at times must put life on cruise control and just watch to see where he is driving me.

At that time of learning to balance life in equal parts of spirit and natural it is best to let him take the reigns and drive. It is also best at that time to learn how to listen and hear/see what and where he is driving. I learnd to do little to nothing til it seems it is time to move on in his driven directions. Each day though I learned something or done something new, I feel even at the time of letting him take the wheel it still is one that must put their best foot forward and move on in learning his path. Though, learning this precious balance in his teachings not ours is blissful, while simply moving in our ways out of his puts one into a line of unbalance which then often spells trouble or defeat. STRESS!

Learn, listen, believe in him and balance ones life to live in his world and this is what i have been doing. I am now on track and am back to work, which means I will be returning here to write often if not on a daily basis and as always I am welcoming all comments and questions, til then were here for you at the intutiveguru


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