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equality in energy

Posted by Brian on August 23, 2008

I was asked at work today a Q on why it seems people go through life often unbalanced. With careful thought to this i meditated for a moment then answered. Once again the answer lied in my three wall theory. The three walls being society, spiritual and control(the hardest one to over come).

 people seem to think we are separated entities, they think they can control things in their life’s that have no control and look for outside influences in spirituality and society to assist them in keeping that believed control. To many this control is everything, if one loses it they often stress and times break to extinction. Yet, as I stated yesterday it is only God that has that ultimate control, we do have free will, but if we move our freewill into a conflicting position with him”all hell at times seems to break loose”.

This is why it is good and often necessary to learn to stop, look and listen to the higher powers that be through prayer and meditation. He does show one the true path he has chosen for us by all sorts of signs in nature and dreams, yet through ones lack of not “giving in and giving God” we often may miss his truest intentions. Often people ask why it seems that people that have near death experience have a higher feeling of being chosen or psychic.

 We are all spiritual beings living a human existence and as spiritual beings we are in the clearest sense energy in a body. If the body dies we still will live. There are no color variances or ranks in spirit energy, though one can be ranked by guide and angel categories only due to the lessons that have been learned in and after passing. These still lie in equal balance to ourselves.

We in life live apart as singular beings, yet everything we are and do touches every living thing that lies in existence with us. We all go through the same lessons in life and death, though they may lie in different strengths and times with in our lifes. Meaning my daughter died, I lost her forever more and my friends mother passed away. Though they are truly seperated and neither of us think we knew how the other felt we denied ourselves each others learned lesons that couldve helped us each through the trying times.

These passing beings too were energy and the lesson learned was equally hard but needed. We all lose someone in our lifes that is at times very diffficult and trying, but through it we can make it and as one come out stronger and closer to god. These two instances happened over a matter of time, yet if we stood together we wouldve seen we needed each others strength and teachings to help each other through. Instead we became distant and unbalanced and fell apart, seperated til we learned to cope with death.

 I know I learned at that time that even though one passes it doesnt mean their gone we are all energy, each living on even though the bady fades. When one energy leaves it still reaches us in unknown ways and leaves a created bond that will never dissipate, they are with us always in this life and the next. Though we may not touch them, we still can talk and listen to them as one can with spirit.

This is only one example, but i think it shows and hopefully explains a little more further in depth. That we all go through the same things in life if one stops and thinks it through, yet it is seperated often by time and overshadowed by control and emotional view points.

As always I welcome all questions and comments, til next time- good day


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