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Posted by Brian on August 24, 2008

Lately ive felt so lonely, not having anyone near me to share my joys and tribulations that Ive felt like no cares nor will ever be there for me. Yet, i forgot that were never alone, theres always someone there for each of us and this poem I feel best describes that long lonesome walk…

The Long Walk by Brian Sinclair

As I walk a long hard road i listened to nothing but silence

As the day grew longer there was silence still

This silence grew deafening as time went forwardly on 

yet, I kept walking fearful that i was alone on this long walk

As time flew by day after day i strained to hear an others words

Yet, nothing till one day i heard a fint whisper

I stopped, listen and looked, there was no one around

Where could this voice be coming from

am I losing my mind

yet the voice went on in a faint whisper

As time moved forward still the words came ever more clearer

Now at days end i understood

The words were coming from within me

It wasnt that i lost my mind

Its that i never looked within, it all made perfect sense now

Though we may seem like were alone, were never truly alone

God is in our soul and speaks to us in ways

till were ready we may never hear

I smiled and moved forwardly onward

As i did the road seemed much brighter and wonderful

as I neared my much awaited destination I still smiled in the knowning GOD is in us


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