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Dream Catcher Creation Story

Posted by Brian on August 30, 2008

Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are devices used by many Native American tribes and used to assist in the guidance of dreams. It is said that a dream catcher catches bad energy, allowing the good to be caught in dreams. They are simple to make and there are several great sites on how to make them. They should be looked into and built with your own energy and intent, for they work great when used and built correctly.

Dream Catcher story-One night before war a young brave went to bed. As he did, he stood his war axe near where he slept. In his dreams he saw a spider spinning a web of victory among the axe’s curves. He slept well that night and when he woke, he found that a spider did indeed spin a web in his axe as the dream foretold. That day, fully rested and openly aware, he fought like a vicious warrior and his tribe won that war with little loss. When he got back to the village there was a huge meeting. There he told his story to the village shaman and was told that the vision held great power in the victory. He was then told that the reason he fought so valiantly was because of the good dreams and energy that came in while he slept. It was the spider that caught the bad energy in its webbing, thus allowing the good energy inward. At that, the whole village started making dream catchers out of sacred woods and adorned them with energy fetishes and great feathers. Since that day the dream catcher has changed very little and it still is as effective in today’s society as it was then.


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