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Preseidential Societal Sideshow Blues

Posted by Brian on August 30, 2008

What a sad day in creations history when the presidential candidates make our wonderful United States into a stage show for BS. What is going on when we, the people sit by and applaud whats happening before our eyes as the hopeful president to be, chooses a woman that isn’t a bit ready for the office she may sit in if something happens. What are YOU! thinking

Why are the people, sheep of the US sitting idly by waiting for slaughter and watching as this build up of shenanigans begins and continues. What are we thinking when we see the only reason he chose this person is a simple reply to the Clinton game. What the F is this rock, paper scissors. What are we sheep. Are we gonna sit back as this continues, isn’t it bad enough that the only president in history that can be blamed for the lone downfall of the once grand ole lady. Look, listen and see whats happening. The energy of this world is changing and not for the better. it is for us to stand and make a change, their sure as hell not gonna do it, as once was supposedly though they were supposed to.

Stop being sheep and stand as the one solid energy form we are, remember we are spiritual beings living a human existence, not the other way around. OH! something else to look at, whats happening to the middle class people. Take a look the three classes of lower middle and high class is now turning into a solid lower and high class. The separation is gaining more ever day as we let people speak, see and do for us. Something needs to be done and this is my opinion and only my opinion, but I hope it sparks something and leads at least one person into thinking “What are they thinking”


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