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Intuitive Paranormal Investigations Now Under Way

Posted by Brian on October 10, 2008

I have and am now working on and doing investigations in the Columbus OH area. Ive been thinking of this long and hard, but due to special requests it has now come into being. We here at Intuitive Guru are now open to free paranormal investigations, whether their possible haunting or other paranormal activity we will help you in those times of need to research and hopefully ease your mind and home of those things that go bump in the night. Just email me for information on free investigations and the new upcoming group and gatherings for like minded people….  JUST EMAIL ME AT OBAR38@AOL.COM and i will follow up asap                   


I am looking for 5 new people in the columbus area to teach and help in investigating paranormal type occurances. Also, am willing to travel locally with possiblities of out of state investigations upon requst . Please send any enquiries to the above address and each and every qualifying invstigation will be posted or atleast written about here in the upcoming days.


One Response to “Intuitive Paranormal Investigations Now Under Way”

  1. Glenn Robbins said


    If you and your team ever find yourself in eastern PA. You are more than welcome to come here and see what more you can learn from the lady in the tree. Would love to see your methods in action first hand. So far nothing major on the paranormal side of things here. Just the odd cold spot and feeling like someone else is here.

    Be Well,


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