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Our First Investigation-Columbus Seance

Posted by Brian on October 24, 2008

We were recently invited into a home in northern Columbus to investigate a possible haunting by a deceased relative. This site was supposedly getting weird electrical discharges (flashing lights etc), it was also known to have cold spots and weird feelings of being watched. Upon entering the said premises, it did seem to have a odd feeling in the air , a kind of heaviness and uneasiness. For the time being it was just I and my trusty video-cam investigating these occurrencesfor now. I sat my cam down and began taping while I walked the house and unfortunately got nothing but the same eerie feelings as the said home owner, no camera images or orbs seemed to appear this night, unfortunately.

However, I did feel the cold areas that were previously describes and decided to investigate a Little further in to the history of the home and family. It seemed that there was someone close to both that had passed away a short while ago. With this and the feeling I decided to sit and light a few candles, also I lit a bundle of sage and sweet grass im hopes of bettering the energy. As I did such I sat with the family members around a coffee table in the living room and went into a slight trance to see if any images or presences happened to occur to me. What I got wasn’tt picked up on neither scopes nor cameras, but it coincide with the passing of the old family member. As I sat the image of an elderly woman with a cane and a bible came to me.

As I described what I saw the family perked up and knew who it was, this woman continued to send me messages that night for each member. When completed I felt as if the energy that layed in the home had eased and I left. Nothing had been felt nor happened in that home since. Again unfortunately no camera images srry, maybe next time I hope……..


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