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Haunted Areas?

Posted by Brian on October 24, 2008

what did you find most areas with the most spiritual activity had in common?

The places with highest spiritual activity were those places of high energy such as churches, war zones and hospitals. These places had in common high energies of love and hate. Which is the two strongest emotions and do indeed cause life unto itself.
I always use the Equation, Energy=emotion=thought=movement=life to figure out what we may be dealing with, apparitions or spirits. In doing this we are usually ready for anything that may happen in these highly energetic situations.

did those places also have a long history………I mean the land or the building or structure?

The places do not always have to have long histories of hauntings. It could possibly be one instance where such a strong emotion was felt that it built energy up that became some what trapped in the situation, this is normally seen as an apparition. Now the building structure itself could also hold the enegy in place, strong influences in buildings usually tend to be water and high electric lines, causing a magnetism ideal in the situation. However, what could also hold the energy or spirit inplace could be such things as bricks, which draws energy into it. or it could be another such mineral in the earth itself. Thus, it is always good to look into the areas surroundings and structures.

what do you believe the purpose of the orbs being in those settings are?

I believe these places of energy held the most orbs because these spiritistic things are strictly pure energy. Orbs are mostly seen in places where the scenes of high energy have taken place. So, they are the highest in places of energy such as churches, war zones hospitals, murder scenes etc..
Now this energy dependant on the site and things around it can hang around and get trapped in certain areas for a countless amount of time. the most interesting thing i found is that orbs cast shadows and if one is lucky they can videograph orbs from all angles simultaneously.
I’ve actually had orbs trip burglar alarms from passing through them. At times we set up trip wire alarms so that we can see if anyone else is in the building or if the entity is possible to gain a solid form. If it does then it is a spirit were dealing with and not an apparition, for apparitions are but energy playing over and over and dont normally become whole enough to trip the alarm.


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