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Animal Spirits

Posted by Brian on November 9, 2008

I would agree that animals can have a strong emotional and psychic connection with their owners . Animals can see more of the available light spectrum than humans and can hear and smell in a way that far surpasses any human ability . That’s why they make fantastic Psychic Energy Detectors and often can sense spirits , elementals ect long before any human may notice . Though for me Animal Familliars do not have to be physical . They can be animals that have passed on into spirit or even Energy that we create ourselves out of a pure projection of mind energy . I have had a look around your blog and it’s good . There is not much that i would disagree with . I will stop by from time to time . Take Care! .

First off I want to thank you for commenting and giving me assurance someone is viewing my site. Often im so busy working that I dont have time for what realy matters, things consisting of spiritual standards. Which is right about where 99% of the people lie. Often too many are so wrapped up in the mundane and, what most like to consider life, they forget what they truly are. Spiritual Beings Living a Human Exisence.

Animals however do not… Animals are spiritual beings that have not the walls that people have, they dont worry about religion, about society as we do nor about the need to control the things around them. People at one time were much the very same way and still are or atleast can be. So, when we give animals credit for being able to sense energy and se things that most now cant, to me its saying just how much some people have boardred themselves in <Life> or to me death, which is the growing of these walls amongst us that cloud our true visions and senses.

Animals do have scientifically improved senses in hearing, seeing and smelling as stated in the comment, but I believe that too is because we have improved our social surroundings and have given up or natural senses, as are now many different types of animals. Thinking on this for a moment, people teach animals to not see when they dont need them to see or feel or hear or smell just so we can make them what we need them to be.

THINK ABOUt IT!!!  and then think if thats true and enough said whos training us to be what we are in social sights, the ones that can hear see or feel things outside the norm are considered outcasts and many times put down(put in hospitals, or made outcast from sociey in some way…. if were not lucky to find our own cliche or nook in life that we can use or gifts and possbily stay shh! for a time)

As for animal familiars only being with us in life, I agree this isnt true! our animal familiars travel with us throughout life, but most animals are short lived, though they may cease to live in the LIFE, they travel with us through out life. This one stop that were in now isnt life, but it is a stage of life. Life is the entire trip from newborn soul to when we reach our father or God. We make this one stop out to be life, mainly due to not knowing or understanding or believing that life continues from the societal views. Thus if our familiar dies we do not stop seeing nor sensing them, but we do move on with them in our souls and heart if not minds, for the walls often help us remove them from there.

However, now if we see a wolf and say it is our familiar or believe we are a wolf and create a spirit being from what we think we want out of them these beings are not our familiars, they are our totems, guides or spirits. Look across the room and see someone you know, now think if we see a human that resembles them in some fashion are they one and the same. NO! but we can make them out to be what ever we need them to be…. This is the difference in familiars and other forms of animal spirits.

With that said Id like to add one more thing, which is our animal familiars were choen to travel with us throughout life and do not change, ive heard many say that their familiar changes from fourlegged to winged when need arises, this is not the way of the familiar, but it is the way of the guides and our own mental projections. So, think about it and dream, what is our true animal self and what is our true animal familiar….

AgAiN TY for viewing this page and I pray it has helped some peple in some way….Keep writing and ill try to answer spiritualy every question


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