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Energy that leads our lifes

Posted by Brian on January 4, 2009

I in a group was talking about how energy flows through our lifes and how many are non-responsive to the third wall of control. Many seem to in life want to control every aspect of living and even at times of dying. Energy is an uncontrollable force, though we may at times block it our even believe to sway it in a different diretion than our lifes were meant to be. It is not controllable and will in time be as it was meant to be

At this I was asked then how one knows how one is going with the flow and when do we know when one is forcing it?

The answer is easier to say than do, but it simple…. One can only do so much, when one does so much or so little things become difficult or unresponsive it is time to relax and simply go with the flow. In other times at times it best to just “Let Go and Let God”. Think of a stream and compare it to life.

When one goes with the flow of the water it is often easy and smooth, yet when one decides to set out to control which way this current flows it then becomes harder to live through and at times cope with the stress one had just created..

this is just partly written, but welcome all Qs and comments


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