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Soul Mate Question answered

Posted by Brian on January 15, 2009

I have waited all of my life for my soul mate. Not rushing time is very difficult but needed. I understand the problems of trying to make life happen the way you want, guiding not leading, loving unconditionally. The question is when do you know it is the right time, the right energy, the right person? When is the right time to say “I have found my soul mate, the person I have been looking for all of my life”?

This question has been asked by many during the ages, yet remains complicated to most due to the amount of books and messages out there telling of one meeting their soul-mates and staying with them arm in arm through each and every lifetime here on earth, which is in fact false. Soul-mates are  met at each development stage(life), but they are not meant to be as one til each is ready to go onto the next stage of spiritual evolution.  Which means that one need to stop looking outward for that perfect someone and start looking with in.

Many that seek to find that one that completes them, not the one that compliments. Others are still looking for the fairey tale prince or princess to fall head over heels for life with, while still others are often looking for someone that just loves them or understands them, often due to past life’sor childhood reasons (Mommy/daddy didn’t love me)…

The soul mate is not of this world or this life but of every life, and yes is met in each life. However it is often to help one move beyond and above barriers that they themselves couldn’t have overcome without said help. For example he/she may show to show you what true love is and whats is actually needed in ones self to love like they need to be loved, not just loved. But once more, one must be in love and perfect in loving ones existence enough to move beyond the human life into the next stage of spiritual life to be ready to be with their soul mate.

The person one must be ready to accept in this life is not actually the soul mate but their soul match. Someone that almost completes them in all ways, but still are not perfect themselves. These too are ones we’ve traveled with throughout life’s and are much alike in faults and other ways as we ourselves are. Meaning they fight, but they also make up quickly forgiving each other of their faults and fights each and every time. They do not stick together because they need to or make efforts to be together for ever but because of their roles and because of their likeliness to ones self stay as a unit for life once met. Often leaving others to look on and ponder “why cant I have that much love for me with someone”.

The answer there my friends must be looked at within and the finding is that they are not ready, often there work that needs to be done to complete or ready themselves for the fact there are soul matches and Yes, even a soul mate out there for each and every one of us.


One Response to “Soul Mate Question answered”

  1. I am glad to have ran into your blog = I am feeling empty. I do not understand why.

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