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Posted by Brian on January 18, 2009

I am feeling empty. I do not understand why.

People as physical beings seem to always try to control things in a spiritual and physical text, but all for a very physical means. We must all fully understand that things just are not controllable. They may seem to be for a brief time,  but one in time will quickly find out life is  just as it is meant to be. Thus to fill the emptiness one must understand and discover we are full and  filling fuller ourselves in a spiritual way.

Many if not all of us have felt empty in our lifetimes for many different reasons and rightly so. For there are many reasons to be felt empty. But, what one must search deep inside themselves in an attempt to understand why they are feeling this way, especially when we are so we are never truly alone or empty..

In search of filling onesself one must go through many stages of development, one is understanding the three walls that block our spiritual development. these walls are as follows, spiritual- social and the last but not least the one of control. All three are spoken about inside these pages in deeper context, but the one I feel needs to be spoken about here is the one we place upon ourselves, that being the wall of control. Through out life one is raised being told this is life and if we are not this way or that way then we are not filling ourselves fully and in doing such we often seek many physical means to fill ourselves. It is not until we understand that this life is but a wink of an eye to the life which is.

Once one sees and understands this, the forementioned walls usually quickly falter and in time fall. But still deep lies the ingrained feelings of not being or doing enough to fill the gaps. This is the third wall, which is possibly the hardest wall to over come the one of control. But through meditation, prayer and just being this wall too will quickly desolve. For, what we are in this physical life time doesnt even compare to that of which we truly are. That we are spiritual beings living a human existance and that all things are not physical but spiritual.

All things in this life can and often are, if not once, many times taken from us. Or we may not be what we are not wanting to be, or where we are wanting to be. However, once again it is good to know we are where we are for in a spiritual way we are there for spiritual reasons. Almost all things that are told to us about ownership and life truly are nonexistant except to the physical personas. These things, people or places we are at in the now time are if meant to be follow us throughout our full spiritual lifes and will be there whether we try to control our lifes or not. Thus it is best to live and not control life.

Does this mean we should stop then trying to control how we are or what we are in the here and now? In no way am I saying this, for this is a double edge sword of balance between the two realms of earth and heaven. We should always try to atleast once a day put our best foot forward, but in a spiritual way, For there always(for lack of a better word)lies the rule of karma… What we are, do and say will follow us in the next life’s.  Thus always try to better ones self, but in a spiritual way. Whether that be through spiritual means or physical, we must all leave for ourselves a better life in the next by making this life the best we can. The Way then to being spiritual is not what but how we make the path righteous.

The best way then to do this is to remember all is energy, every step and every breath we take will effect everything else as if life were a wave and the harder we throw in even the smallest of pebbles will effect the outcome of waves on the other side. In short we are as we are cause here is where lies the lessons which will fill us fuller than the full that we already are.




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