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societal wall of racism

Posted by Brian on January 21, 2009

Here in Ohio it has been brought to my attention that a statue of the great Martin Luther King Jr being defaced on his celebratory day of days. This is definitelya very negative thing but what makes it worse is that it was also done on a week when we should all be celebrating that racism is on a downward slope. This is a great thing for those of us that wish to be lifted higher in a spiritual way, for in spirit there is no color difference. There is no body difference of any type, for the body only lives in the physical plane. When we move onward we do so in spirit only.
The differences are only outward things and lies in the body, not spirit for spirit is all encompassing of all colors, shapes and sizes, etc.. we all are such as that of the creator, spirit in its energy.  As I said previously we are as that of God and are all god-like as we are creator and have been created from the all mighty energy that is god with indifference.  Tthough we are not god singularly we must look to him in these times and be as one in hopes of moving forward as him spiritually.
I hope with this said a thought is born to move us further away from such hateful actions and move us ever closer to the light
Thank and god bless!!!!


2 Responses to “societal wall of racism”

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  2. Jeremy said

    Whenever there is inevitable change, There will always be resistance,huh.

    BTW I’m fighting in the Arnold Classic in the spring. I’d like to catch up with you, perhaps get a reading?

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