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The Inevitable Restistance to change

Posted by Brian on January 23, 2009

Whenever there is inevitable change, There will always be resistance,huh.

In reference to societal wall of racism

This lies true to all things in and of ones self. The balance of two realms of any kind is always a circular one. Both things need to happen in order for people both resistors and the non-resistors to change. All things effect us and others in a way not always known in and of the moment. However, all things have a  memory even if its tried to close down for even the briefest of seconds and as such a change is inevitable.

People need to wake to the fact all energy no matter how great or small effects us all. Even if one breaks as their going down the highway to let a car go by or to T another off, that  effect has now changed a person for the rest of their life as it has also changed ourselves. 

 Its all energy and karmic that things effect in and of itself and things that lie with out.  However,  most people it seems just think of themselves. If they realized just how interconnected all things are to them, as all things are circular, they may stop for a brief time to think  before doing instead of just doing with out thinking. Change is inevitable clearly and resistance is change

God Speed to new learning and Many blessings to all


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