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Magickal Spells of Transformation

Posted by Brian on February 14, 2009

I know its been a long while since I published anything new and I apologize, but have been working very hard at 1 job that at times put me into 100 hours a week. It wasn’t til last Sunday that I had to say enough was enough, mainly due to having a heart attack, and quit my job. However, sometimes God Energy work in odd ways to get you to listen and that my friends is what I believe happened as Ive never been a quitter, but they made it very obvious I had no choice……sorry for the rant ūüôā

OK, back to what¬† was going to write about this day, Spells……

Since I’ve been off from work Ive surfed the net looking for new articles to ponder writing about here, lord there’s been many, but there’s one that really struck a chord in many ways, mainly due to odd news or web infomercials. Ive also come across some that advised spell working is evil and even others worse stating its the work of the devil EEK!!

The fact to the matter is their neither the work of the devil nor evil, unless it is used by¬†a¬†person of¬†an unclean heart that works with only that in mind, even then it is up to the ones it being acted upon to be in that same energy field and believe¬†that it can be done. I try to always keep in the shield of white light and work only for the¬†good, being of which¬†lower¬†energies can not interfere. I simply wont let¬†them…. If you work through the light they can not effect you neither, remember it is you tha has the ultimate choice here not someone else.

With that said lets speak about what is a prayer and how does one build it up and enact upon it. A spell is nought but clear thought out and placed energy. Energy that is around, us in us and runs through every pour of everything can be used while working a spell. This energy must first begin with an intent, either write it out or state it aloud in your best but simplest words, for a spell in this fashion is basically the same as a prayer, a personal one that possibly could work for everyone but is really for the one using it..

OK, the basics of spell casting once words and thoughts are present are quite simple, first one must find a quiet place or one of real comfort, if possible one that helps create the energy we are needing to ficus upon. Whether this be a mirror for personal connection or say even a picture if your trying to focus upon a lost conection of a loved one.

¬†Once your sight is set up and your articles present the next step is to simply relax, let everything go and only focus on building upon¬†the energy needed to perform the task at hand. Make sure this is done in a non-moving way(not behind the wheels) then totally just relax and meditate. Once you¬†reach a near¬†relaxed state of meditation, then slightly come¬†back and surround your self with the white light of God.¬†Lessons for this are in the pages, please look back…..

Now surrounded in perfect light and perfect trust, either pick up a mirror or article if using one, this is where the prayer part begins, focus intent and speak aloud the preassigned prayer you previously wrote or spoke out. (dont be surprised if the words simply rearrange or change while you are now speaking them aloud) All the time while stating these words feel the energy working through you and around you.

As it builds repeat the passage over and over til you think your going to burst then¬†put full intent into¬†making the¬†desired¬†spell come true( please don’t over do it, friends and family ¬†¬†might want to not hear you shouting too loudly and they may need those ear drums for later ūüôā Also as this in practice becomes something that may need to be done daily don’t over do it the time, it is a prayer technique not a living. Try 10-15 minutes then build up or slow it down when or if need be and always remember to work in the light and in the energy of the creator/god and the ultimate loving energy which lies in US and around us….


I will be posting certain spells along with tools on these pages under Psychic Exercises


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