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Meditation/prayer for bringing money into your home

Posted by Brian on February 16, 2009

In these days of need it seems everyone needs a little more, but with Bush finally chased from office, a little more just doesnt seem to be around. Though personally I believe Obama can bring this economy back, I dont feel it will be anytime soon. Thus I am going to shed a little light on a little prayer/meditation I use to stimulate my personal finances.

Things one can use for this prayer are easy to find and inexpensive, they consist of:

  • A green candle, used for money(or if one cant find green a white to one which is all colors and need)
  • A mirror to shed the light into and around the area or home

First one must know exactly it is they need (no more no less)

With this  freshly in mind set the candle upon the flat shiny surface of the mirror, this way the light from the candle will shine around the home, then light it. Being careful not to let the candle tip and never leave the candle unattended.  Also be sure this is done with an adult as the lighter can be very hot and dangerous for little hands

Then with the candle lit and it shining above , possibly dancing off the reflective surface, repeat your desired outcome softly aloud or in your head each time buildng in energy. Once you feel the energy couldn’t possibly get any stronger, sit back, keep fresh images of the need for money in your head chant in your mind why the money is needed(please no unclean or cluttered thoughts)

Sit quietly til you feel things have been heard from spirit above, then snuff out the candle of flame. Try not to blow it out as this can also blow away the build up of energy, again be very careful not to burn or tip the candle/ wax. This may need to be done over and sometime over again, but each time always keep fresh energy and clean thoughts while doing it and as long as the candle is kept clear from other energies it CAN be reused over for this prayer/meditation


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