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Creating the Perfect Energy for Springtime Gardening

Posted by Brian on February 17, 2009

With winter behind us, at least it seems its time to start thinking of gardening. No, its not to cold up here to start thinking about it, maybe doing, but not thinking…

Plan that garden well in order to  save,  fight the grocery stores sometimes exuberant cost onfresh vegetables..

 Being an on line psychic I hear almost on a Daley basis how can we last when  prices are going through the roof.  Many more want different jobs in which to make enough or safe enough to fight another day. Many times more often than not unfortunately, this isn’t gonna happen or happen easily/quickly. So, what to do in which to fight the high costs. Plan, plan, plan Everything. First though plan things in your own back yard, by strategizing gardens and mixing it with good ol’ positive energy.

Maybe breaking ground for new garden and/or pruning the old garden are needed but more than that utilize the wind and the light outdoors to change the effective energy of the area. Hang wind chimes in doorways to allow the soft raining of pleasant chimes in. colorize the outer windows and their corresponding area, most often the living room with vibrant springtime colors of blues, pinks, greens or yellow. Gawd this should be easy this time of year , go into just about every store and you’d see Easter stuff out already in these colors. Hmmm! ever wonder why!   Make sure though to Plan these colors and chimes to match your liking and notice in a very short time that your energy could very well increase to match their vibrancy. (see the color chart, but think vibrant, springtime).

The indoors its that time of year to bring new plants into the home and start those seeding cups, Remember the ones most of us use to make as kids out of egg cartons. YES! its that time again, forget about the mature things in life even if just for a moment, childhood was more fun for most anyway, and collect a few of those egg cartons. cut the tops of those cartons off and open them up to easy view. Add a tad of dirt(the fresher and more to nature the better, and the desired seeds as the packet says, should go without saying but youd be surprised:) Then get outdoors, look and see what can be done out there…

Though many often fear the outdoors, for many may have not ventured out there in months, its time to bring that new found energy outside.

  •  Does that ol’ grill need cleaning?
  • Does the yard need trimming?
  • bushes or trees pruning?
  • How does that garden of old look????  or how about a brand new garden?

Venturing outdoors in more than a few yards already this spring one can see, people aren’t the only ones starving. Remember your brethren the birds and animals. Remember whether walking on two legs, growing roots, flying or creeping were all the same loving energy. As such possibly get down at their level and pretend your you’re favorite animal. I love to do this, its fun and yes childish, but use the right side mind and see its often good to be free of restraints.  I say try things free hand, use the ol’ noggin and see what god can plant in mind to help the animal world. If one perhaps cant figure anything out, buy something, but always think with a beautiful mind. Bright colors and natural materials in the great outdoors will also help in raising your energy for the new found spring.

NOW, go out doors and Imagine your a bird, if you were could, would they possibly need more food or and/ fresh water. If so, hang a free hand designed bird feeder/water in the branches of the biggest tree that one can easily reach. How about if you were a butterfly, could they use a few flowers to peruse, if so maybe  plan not only your garden but perhaps a small one for them full of wonderous odorous  fresh flowers.  How about if you were of the four leggedor of the wondrous hopping variety, what perhaps could you do for them….

Plan, plan, plan everything. Always use the childish mind to roam free, sometimes it can be more fun and often more beneficial. Then venture out doors daley and design a favorite spot close to the new designed nature and relax and meditate on possibly your lifes next grand adventure. 


Pls send in or email obarr31 all those wonderful pictures of your new found specail places and ill show them here, with written permission of course 😉


2 Responses to “Creating the Perfect Energy for Springtime Gardening”

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  2. Emma said

    I love animals. Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

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