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How do we become a Spirit Guide?

Posted by Brian on February 20, 2009

Many people have asked me if anyone can become a spirit guide, I state without doubt they can. One often look s up to their guides and rely on their wisdom and their  love, look around and see does anyone look up to you with this unyielding respect and compassion. If not they should you may not see it first hand, but they are most often there. Look back through your many years here on earth at this time has anyone ever changed your life in such a way.  It isn’t easy to just in a moments glance look forward or back to find these people, but their there.

My entire life, thus far I’ve had one constant companion and friend, besides myself that I could always rely on. This is my spirit guide and we met way before time here even begun, for we’ve traveled life time together and remained unyielding in love on the Other Side. This is the life of guides and their wards, one you too will have the option of. Becoming someone’s Spirit Guide isn’t a decision to take lightly, it is an honor that is bestowed to one after the lessons of life on this plane are over.

Therelationship between guide and ward happen way before one first starts their lifes on earth. It starts on the other side while the two of you are planning the come back to this side of life. A guide is often more times than not, someone you knew in a previous life time,  but not always for there are also greater guides in higher planes that will help make this decision. But, ultimately it is the guides decision to be yours. This happens for the guide has formed a great bond with you in some way.

The Spirit Guide relationship is a close one, for when you become someone’s Spirit Guide, you must  mentally, physically and spiritually become an expert on your ward. This means that on the other plane you will have to lead them, be with them  and study them in every way in order to gain insight on how the act and react to certain situations. While their studying and viewing their recent past life, the guide will be ever vigilant as they view their relations, in this way knowing all they will need to know on this persons personalities.

 Also, while watching this the spirit Guide who has also lived at least one incarnation on earth will need to be ever vigilant of their own life’s and personalities, so they can have the ability to empathize with the experiences of their ward. In this way it builds a love and trust which indeed be unyielding.  Now while this is your personal guide, there are many others also that are watching and learning. Each one of these though they don’t go as deep, will learn and lead in your life decisions to come back  to this plane and what to learn when you do come back..

There are times a Spirit Guide must have understanding and empathy, but they also must watch the situation carefully, for your life here is also part of their lesson plans to moving forward into deeper more complex realms. Remember everything is circular, everything is charted for deeper learning and understanding. One may never know just how deep this circle goes, but it starts here on this plane. We come to earth just as the guide did and the guides before them, which have already gone further into the light and now sit watching how the guides themselves perform and so on and so on.

Life here is how your guides begun and how their guides begun, so yes we all will become a guide in some form and fashion, when our time on earth is complete. But, do not rush it, always learn, always look inward for guidance for this will ready you for the next journey and the next. Be ever vigilant to the unseen, as your guide does and think, not only about “what would Jesus do, but what would your guide do if you were in his shoes”


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    Great blog will read more when I have time! xx

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