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What is God?

Posted by Brian on February 25, 2009

Everything is God, we are god the animals, the tres, the air that we beathe, everything is God. God is all around us, in us, above us and below us. When times are tough and we want to run or when times are good and were sitting in the sun, it is God. We are God energy and if we stop to see what God is, we would believe it and maybe seize it. For, God is nought but eternal love and compassion,. God is energy eternal as are we.

We are God-like beings of the first degree, but there are many levels of energy that we must adhere to to reconnect to our final source of his consciousness. We must agree that all in life is nought but a test which we must pass in order to reconnect to his way of thought. We are eternal love, nothing else matters if we can not love ourselves. If we can not love the one person we can count on in life, then how can we connect to all of existence.

Prayer is how w can speak not to our internal selves but to all beings of exisence, lift up those voices, dont be shy for we are not praying to others here on earth but to the great energy above. We must not only pray but lisen for those answers to come through dreams and meditation. Relax in and of oneself will open one to the eternal presence of the all being. Listen not only with your body but with your heart for that is where everything starts, in you….

What is God, you are and we are, for we are one in the light. Do not hate another, for to hate another is to hate ones self, to distrust is to not trust ones self, to not listen is to not listen to ones self and all life is God. So, what is God?

You are, we all are, for God is eternal energy which is everyone and everything….. reguardless of religion, reguardless of color and reguardless of looks. Escape the way of the body and join with everything spiritualy, the way it was meant to be, equality among everything. Love, compassion, understanding, peace, we are spiritual being living a human existence, we are all God


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