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Please help the wild life!

Posted by Brian on February 26, 2009

I often wonder why some people would rather throw food away than learn how to help out one others. Recently upon viewing animals walking among the houses, searching for food and seeing people amid the city starving, I’ve become to wonder why do some people help other countries and throw away food that may be a day old rather than learn how to help those that live among them.

I lived among the homeless, helping out when I could and sat idly by while people mocked and sometimes battered people and animals that were not alike. Not always by hits, but by curses and attitudes were these poor souls abused. Often the energy sent their way belittled them into worse places, at other times they’d fight back, but not once were they given the positive energy they deserved. Please remember all things are energy, all things need love for they are love.

Recently I heard from a local news source a park was going to be raised where a local mall failed. There were people threatening to boycott the county due to it possibly bringing in vagabond andvermin. These so called vagabond were once a child like you, often their there due to wrong choices or possibly because of the negative energy forced upon them from an early age that they too began to believe. Energy is everything, help raise it by feeding them with not only food but by nurturing attention and love, not all of them will know how to take it right away, but in time energy of any kind will grow and blossom, make it positive.

I remember one time while i too was homeless I couldn’t often find food, but I received constant companionship from an unexpected source. A dog would come from the back alleys to where i rested, straggly and lean, but instead of kicking him or cursing him I showed him love and through that we both got better. I fed him bites of food that I recently scavenged and gave him water I recently received, just to not watch him suffer. Sometimes people and animals are heaven sent to see how we react. 

Its always good to remember that everything is energy, everything deserves to be treated fairly in Gods love. This season when all things are spiraling don’t forget to help others, especially those that can’t find it else where. Call your local shelters, don’t haggle over small change-share it with someone that needs it, and most of all please help feed the wild life.

Birds, trees, humans, lake creatures, sea creatures, four legged and two legged creatures alike need to learn to live together, work together not for the betterment of the self, but for the betterment of all, feeding and giving of themselves and time is the most precious of gifts, share, live it, be it.

 Thank You!


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